Let's introduce ourselves!
  • Hi, I'm Sati, of Rows and Roses. I specialize in crochet, but I also knit. I'm a super-fast crocheter (not bragging, just saying ;) ), and I haven't yet met a pattern, or even an IDEA, that I can't figure out and work with. I love cables and linked crochet, haven't yet attempted broomstick lace or  hairpin lace, but only because of lack of free time; I have books with awesome tutorials that I've read, and I totally understand the concepts. I'm sure I could do it, just haven't yet. I'm working on speeding up my knitting a bit so I can offer it in my shop, as well. I started my business out with woolies (of course) but now I mostly do coops on my facebook group page www.facebook.com/groups/rowsandrosescrochet for home textiles and pretty much anything my customers ask for.

    I'm super-excited to be here, I really hope this works out for us. Thanks, Karen, for the awesome idea!!
  • I'm Kandace or Kandee from Squeeties Waldorf Dolls. I just opened my shop in October but have been doing very well. I have six kids, 1 through 16. A great husband who doesn't mind my craziness of the doll making/sewing. I started out on Hyenacart making we designs, then jewelry. I'm an artist, I do fantasy art as well so as you can tell creative outlets are a must for me!
  • I'm Jennifer from Scentsory Creations.  I make and sell aromatherapy and natural body care items.  I love what I do and love having natural alternatives to commercial products.  I am most active on Facebook as far as communicating with customers.
  • Hi, I'm Danz (Danielle) of Doodles Jewels. I've been making jewelry since 2004. I was doing mainly gemstone jewelry but have been on a metal-stamping kick for about 8 months and am having fun with that. I also want to maybe do some leather bracelets with metal stamps Etc on them - think steam punk. I'm on FB at http://facebook.com/doodlesjewels and currently sell mostly on etsy though I do have a HC. I do own the doodlesjewels domain and it's setup to work with whatever cart I choose.
    Also I'm working on starting up a non-profit if anyone is curious. It's lovedperiod.org and I have a FB for that too :)
  • Rikki here, do I need an intro??? LOL, I just joking! (Some of you know my sarcasm)

    I run Relax Naturals..... CP Soap, Deodorant, Balms, Salves, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, Wool Wash Etc Etc..

    Been on HC since 2006 as Daribums Diapers & RikRaks...... And RN since 2011 :)

    Glad to be here and hope it works out!
  • June from Rising Sun Earthworks.  I've been making pottery as a business since 2003.  I started on HC in 2007 and soon joined Universal Mama congo there.  We recently disbanded and I've been kind of floating around ever since- although I do have an etsy shop, I feel lost in the crowd there.

    I live in RI with my hubby of almost 20 years, and my twins, a boy and a girl, who are about to graduate and go off to college!  Eep!
  • Congo on Indie maybe????
  • I'm Katrina of Crestridge Creations. Currently I only stock with Luna's Gate congo over on HC. I want to stock somewhere else on the web, but never got farther than looking around. Etsy is just too busy and crowded for me and their fees scare me away from even thinking of stocking there.  I love to knit and have an addiction to Mosaic Moon yarns, so most of my items are knit using Morwenna's yarns.  I am also a beginning spinner, but my beautiful wheel sits around more than it spins these days. :(  I am hoping that once my youngest starts Kindergarten in the fall I will have more time to dedicate to spinning all the wonderful rovings I've been collecting over the past year or so. I find spinning so relaxing, but sitting down to spin while my kids run circles around me doesn't work well. 

    I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of extreme NW South Carolina with my hubby of 10 years, and our two sons (5 and soon to be 7). Aside from knitting, I am also an avid photographer and die hard Green Bay Packers fan. (What can I say, I lived in WI 6 years and got sucked in for life!)

  • Welcome Katrina -- so glad you're joining us :)

    Rikki - indieCart is kind of like one big congo :)
  • Welcome, Katrina!! So glad you came over!
  • Hi I'm Sarah of SEWsational Sarah.
    My user name on HC is SGRAHA  :-)
    I just submitted for approval. I'm busy busy busy working on in stock for the upcoming craft fair and farmer's market season here in upstate NY.

  • Hi im Brandy (brandylynn01 over on HC forums)
    I run brittle heart design over at Hyena Cart. (graphic design)

    im over here because i want to see what this place is all about, start generating some business over here for everyone via my facebook (and twitter soon) and see if i can help anyone that needs customization, logos, etc for their carts over here (new vendors or old).

    (and i LOVE the little shopping cart in the logo. its adorable!)
  • Cool! Welcome Brandy :) Just so you know, we made the decision to keep all the storefronts on indieCart very consistent (not as customizable as Hyena Cart). However, I'm sure people would love help with logos and store banners :)
  • awesome. :)
    i defiantly can still offer logos, store banners, and any other need they might need (business cards, etc)

    i REALLY hope this site takes off...i would probably be shopping over here more than HC (as my two are no longer in diapers)...i want to shop for me!  ;)
  • Hello everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm the mommie behind Mommie's Lil Peanut. I've been on HC for 5 years offering a variety of bags and accessories for moms and kids.
    My shop started with a cloth diaper friendly, backpack diaper bag design and I've grown from there! :) I helped get Bitty Fluff newborn congo off the ground in 2008 and was an admin until life at home got in the way :( but I still stock their regularly with newborn clothing, blankets, and occasionally wetbags. I also started A La Mode Congo in 2009 with a group of fellow Bitty Fluff members and continue to admin there, although we are currently on a break.

    I love to sew, and make all sorts of things. I haven't yet come across something I couldn't make, but customers, family and friends seem to like to test me!

    My husband and I are Navy veterans and are just recently settling into civilian life as of this past summer! I've been all over the US East Coast, and while originally from the Jersey Shore (no, I don't know any of those fools on TV), I've settled in my husband's home state of Illinois. We are on the fringe of the Chicagoland area and I'm working on adjusting to yet another new place. Mommie's Lil Peanut Shoppe has moved with me twice now- born in upstate New York, hanging out in Southern Georgia for a little over 3 years, and finally coming to rest here in Northern Illinois.
    We have 1 daughter, Emily, who is now 6 and was the inspiration for my shop! We also have a goofy dog who thinks she is a "people", and a rescued turtle that was almost a dog treat a year ago when it hatched along my fence line and braved crossing my backyard. :)

    SO, that's me in a nutshell, I guess- minus my phone and social security numbers! :)

    If you care to get to know me better, I'm super friendly and, if you hadn't already guessed, a chatterbox. I appreciate the chance to join the group and grow with indiecart!

  • Hello, I'm Amorette Pedler and I used to own & operate Limelight Boutique! My business was most active between 2003-2008, but I have been on a hiatus (life took over! lol). I am now looking forward to jumping back in as Herbal Somatic! I offer handcrafted soaps, lotions & balms. Thanks for having me! I hope to be up and running very soon! xx
  • Welcome Amorette :)
  • Thank you!

    I am so sorry I haven't set up my cart to sell anything yet! We had a really, really bad April. My daughter was attacked by a vicious dog, so we had that to deal with (we still are on a daily basis), and then my dad passed away a week after that, so we have been out of state, etc :( I am hoping I can get things going again very, very soon, especially before summer break!

  • Amorette, sorry to hear things have been so rough! Hope everything smooths over soon and gets somewhat back to normal. We'll still be here when you're ready :)
  • Amorette, 
    I'm so sorry to see you have had such a horrible time of things. 
  • Hi, I'd like to step in and introduce myself.  I'm Shari.  Owner of Dirty South Soap.  I've been making cold process soaps for several years now, and have started selling this past year.  I have a shop set up over at Hyena Cart as well as here at Indie cart.  I'm a mom to three ages 14, 12 & 6...married to my sweatheart.  We relocated from NYC to Coastal SC around 8 years ago.  Um...I'm not great at these intro things, so anything I'm missing here just ask :-)  I can't wait to get to meet all of you.  
  • Welcome to indieCart, Shari! Hope you can help us spread the word about the site :)
  • Hi everyone, my name is Annette and some of you may know me from WoolCreations on HC. I feel like I have been missing in action (or lets say missing the action) for the past 3 years. I am now ready to get back to my work and have opened shop with Ringalina Dolls here on Indie cart. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and reconnect with the ones I already know ;)

    Amorette, I am so sorry for your loss and all the things you had to deal with. I hope your daughter is better now. My father passed away last autumn after I got to spend a lot of time with him during the Summer. It was hard to let go and to deal with the distance, he was in Germany and I am in the US. 
  • Welcome, Annette! So glad you've decided to join indieCart :) Looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations on the site!
  • Hi my name is Ulla. I am also a dollmaker. I immigrated to the US from Germany in 1996. I have been making and selling dolls since 2000. I am looking forward to learning to sell here.
  • Hi, my name is Heike.
    I am a dollmaker from germany and my passion is creating dolls for play.
    I create these little rascals for children of all ages - small or big and hope they find a beautiful new home
    Heike from belambolo
  • Welcome Ulla and Heike! So glad you decided to join us :)
  • Hello! I am Mandy, with Mandy's Joys. I make cuddly and unique critters. I started making them for my kids, but fell in love with the little personalities so now I am HOOKED!! I tend to get overwhelmed with custom orders so do not get to list as much here as I would like, but am working on that more now. :)

    My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/mandysjoys
  • Hi, I am Erin of Mamma Hen's Designs.  I am planning to sell handmade, hand-dyed, organic fabric clothing on Indiecart.  I got some girls' skirts cut out today and hope to get them sewn tomorrow.  :) 
    Here is my Etsy shop
    as you can see I have some things there like cloth diaper pail liners and some skirts that I bought blanks and dyed.  If it works out, what I would like to do is use IndieCart for my all handmade, hand-dyed clothing and Etsy for the less... artisan-type items.
    Oh I do have some wool diaper covers, knitted and sewn, in my etsy shop, but I probably won't be making any more of those for selling. 
    Anyway I am very excited to get my skirts ready for my first stocking! 
  • Welcome Mandy and Erin! So glad you've joined us :) Please let us know if you have any questions about the site!
  • Hello there! I'm Kiel, and I am a SAHM mom to one (so far) and owner of Lemon Lane Organics. I started out on Etsy, but I have recently started trying to expand by offering my custom hand knits and crocheted items here and on Hyenacart. :) I specialize in accessories for babies, toddler and children made from organic fibers. I look forward to meeting more likeminded sellers here!

    P.S.--Looks like etsy is testing a new shop layout again, so you might be getting more new people interested in trying out indiecart in the near future! ;)
  • Hi Kiel -- welcome to the site! Please let us know if you have any questions / see any ways to improve the site. Thanks!
  • Hi!  I'm sue from little luckies glad to be here!  http://indiecart.com/stores/littleluckies2/

    I love to make toys!  I don't really specialize in one kind of toy.... so i make just about everything when my hear desires :)

  • Welcome, Sue! Can't wait to see what you list on indieCart :)
  • Hi I am Yasmin and new here. I make dolls and sock dogs and I am hoping to use indiecart for auctions. Fingers crossed all goes well. X
  • Welcome Yasmin! Your items are adorable :)
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