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About indieCart

indieCart started via a completely separate site, Hyena Cart. Hyena Cart is a shopping cart for high-demand, one-of-a-kind items which is a cart that I originally developed for my own on-line business, Kool Sheep Soakers. As Hyena Cart has matured, it has focused around its original core - baby-related, eco-friendly items. In addition, Hyena Cart sellers are not limited to handmade items.

I've realized that there is an opportunity to expand Hyena Cart's unique and customizable cart (which gives the seller the ability to set specific stocking times, and run auctions or drawings) and create a venue that focuses on sellers who create their own items by hand and have an established reputation. Thus indieCart was born with the hope that it can bring quality handmade goods to those who value items that are unique and made with love.

Please feel free to take a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about whether indieCart is right for your business. If you're ready to sign up for a cart, please read this page sign-up for a store :) Thanks!