IC vs HC
  • Just curious - is IC gonna be replacing HC at all?  Or will they both stay up?  I know they are a little different, but I was just curious if there were plans for HC to diminish (the stores, Spots).  
  • There aren't any active plans to wind down HC. There's no reason (I don't think) that both can't exist at the same time. Am I missing anything, do you think?
  • Nope, I don't see why they can't both exhist either.  I just wasn't sure.  Sadly, I see great sites vanish when the owners/creators decide to move on to something new.  I guess I was just checking!  
  • I did a lot of work in the background to make sure iC and HC run on the same kernel code. So most updates on either site will affect both. Should be no problem to maintain both of them :) Thanks for asking!
  • I just wish that Indie Cart had a page more like HC on FB where there was advertising for the sellers, especially since IC  is so new. Will that happen at some point?
  • Hi Mandysjoys -- yes, we actually do have a facebook page now, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Indiecart/272362902897336 but haven't yet had time to start promoting it. It will happen at some point. We've been waiting until we had enough sellers on indieCart to make it worthwhile and I think we're definitely getting close to that!
  • I can not find on a seller's page where to mark them as a favorite or one of their items as a favorite.
  • Hi there -- it's on the left hand side -- the little red box with the white heart in it (under the store name.)

  • Is there a way for stores to Banner advertise here on IC?
  • Not just yet. I was going to wait until we built up traffic a bit more. Is this something you'd be interested in?
  • Was just curious about crafters being able to run their banner ads, as we do on hyena cart.  I am preparing for a stocking here.  Just wanted to check.  May see about getting my banner add modified to reflect that it is for IC or maybe just link it through hyenacart to my store here.  Thank  you.
  • I'm getting ready to list everything I offer in preparation for the holidays. Hopefully that will drive some traffic this way and IC can grow. I always liked the set up of HC/IC for the customization it offers but there is very little traffic. It is much more affordable for a seller, though. :D
  • Sounds good! Yes, traffic is quite low, but I think it works well for sellers who can bring their customer base over with them :)
  • Can groups sell here yet? Or is that still a HC thing?
  • Hi there -- I don't have any plans to bring congos over to indieCart. They're one of the things on HC that most confuse shoppers, and I'm trying to keep indieCart simpler. Thanks for asking :)
  • I like the look of indieCart.  I am torn between it and HyenaCart.  Although I do like the fact that it isn't swamped with diapering stuff.  I also have to say that I like the facebook page for HyenaCart.  I spend a great deal of time on Facebook and find myself lurking there more than I ever did on the forums.  Does indieCart have a facebook page set up?

  • Yes, we do have a Facebook page, although it's much smaller than our HC one. You can find it here:

    or from the Facebook icon at the bottom of our pages :)

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