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Liana the Rainbow Fairy Doll, 16 inch, Custom order
Farmer Pig Waldorf Animal by Hillcountry Dollmaker
18” Wink Natural Fiber Art Waldorf Cloth Doll Collectible OOAK Doll Handmade Doll
Sling for a dolly or bear, hand dyed, with flower or leaf
Waldorf Elf Doll 12 or 16 inch Custom with his Lizard Friend
Rainbow Dragon Waldorf Animal by Hillcountry Dollmaker
Waldorf Gnome Soft Body Dolls Custom Order
Moonlight Fairy 13
16” Copper Natural Fiber Art Waldorf Cloth Doll Collectible OOAK Doll Handmade Doll
Cotton velour Romper, Dress and Leggins, Baby Sac or Sweatsuit
Doll Cape
Princess Annelise
Waldorf Doll Shoes or Boots
Custom Waldorf Doll by Hillcountry Dollmaker in Several sizes
Anne of Green Gables Waldorf Doll
Mermaid Outfit for Waldorf Dolls
Cottage Purse and Teeny Dolly Waldorf Dollhouse Doll
Bloom Baby, the Heart of a Seed, tiny Waldorf seed baby in a necklace pouch
Button Jointed Mouse, 15 Inch Waldorf Animal Doll, Girl or Boy
Pirate Pig, Plush Organic Velour, Waldorf Steiner Inspired Animal Doll

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