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make a wish, enameled dandelion necklace pendant-2
peace, artisan ceramic necklace pendant-1
a simple kind touch of love necklace pendant one
fairy magic-three-vintage tin necklace pendant
before you were born starfish enameled necklace pendant
it's a cat thing, vintage locket, necklace pendant
pearls of wisdom owl necklace pendant
CUSTOM art deco glass necklace with bronze chain
rustic urban raven kiln fired necklace pendant
if jerry garcia had a key-vintage hippie tin necklace pendant
interstellar luminescent nebula, vintage locket necklace pendant
20 inch bronze chain
prairie garden-forever in my heart-necklace pendant
golden artisan vintage ceramic necklace pendant
gentle quietness, enameled deer necklace pendant
in a universe, far, far away-enameled necklace pendant
inner truth necklace pendant 1
amethyst glass butterfly necklace pendant
mermaid garden necklace pendant
dragonfly dreams, dragonfly & enameled necklace pendant

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