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handmade, jasper, art deco glass, 4 directions necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled crescent moon art, art deco glass, moon dust necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled cat art, plum art deco glass, love cat-fish necklace
handmade, filigree, fairy, metal, beyond the veil-one necklace
artisan, handmade, art deco blue glass & bell earrings
Black Snacks Watch Band
artisan, handmade, enameled poppy flower art, art deco glass, lavender skies dream necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled flower art, art deco glass, ocean's bouquet necklace
handmade, black agate, art deco glass, deep forest bracelet
handmade, art deco glass, vintage beaded, blue ocean's shell beach necklace
handmade, turquoise, art deco glass, top of the mountain bracelet,
artisan, handmade, golden verdigris wing, art deco glass, presence of angels necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled bee art, art deco glass, love bee-positive necklace-four
artisan, handmade, enameled sunflower art, art deco glass, bee-ing centered necklace
artisan, handmade, shimmering heart with tiny red hearts earrings
handmade, artisan, vintage silver tone dragonfly, baby blue vintage beaded necklace
artisan, handmade, clear rhinestone, art deco blue & cream glass earrings
artisan, handmade, enameled art, art deco glass, my love is like a rose necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled bee art, art deco glass, love bee-positive necklace-two
artisan, handmade, art canvas print, vintage, fun in the sun beach girl earrings

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