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  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks to PlumPapaya's suggestion, we now have Facebook like buttons on every listing / store page (above the store logo.) Also, you can add a link to your Facebook and / or Twitter pages at the bottom of your Store Settings >> Profile Page, which will create links above the store logo image.

    Thanks for using indieCart :)
  • Nice! I added the links to my FB and Twitter pages. The Facebook link shows me with 0 likes which is not correct. The Twitter link has the right number of followers.
  • Yes, the Facebook box shows how many people have liked that particular page on indieCart, not how many people are following your Facebook page. I'd prefer the latter, but I didn't see it as an option from Facebooks available button: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins
  • Hmm that is odd. The same button on Etsy shows the number of followers. Not sure it looks so good for the shop owner to have it show as 0 when it is not. ;-(
  • I tried it before and have it set up now so you can take a look (in your store). It just doesn't seem to work, for some reason.
  • Yeah - it works if I test it with zuck (Zuckerberg's page) but no one else's that I can tell. It seems like it's reporting something other than page followers? I've tried to contact them, but no reply. I'll try again...
  • Ok - turns out the Follow button is only for users, not business pages. Facebook doesn't offer this service for business pages yet. Etsy must be doing it via a custom-coded solution. I'll change it back to the way it was tonight.
  • wow that is really odd. Surely it would be very valuable for business pages LOL!  I took away the link for it, in my profile set up page. I have a FB thingy at the bottom so that will do the job for me. thanks!
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