New here and wondering if I belong??
  • Hi Everyone!  

    I'm new here....I just found out about IndieCart last night. My name is Samantha and I am the WAHM behind Little Seedlings.  I have been successfully selling on HyenaCart since 2010.  After exploring IndieCart today I noticed that I seem to be the only cloth diaper maker here so I'm wondering if I fit in with what the vision is for this site. I do make children's clothing also but my main focus is still cloth diapers.  

    What attracted me here is that it is a juried site where the sellers here make high quality and outstanding products.  I pride myself on the quality of the products I make and I really like that IndieCart is geared toward this.  I am an artisan cloth diaper manufacturer and a proud member of the Real Diaper Industry Association.  

    So my question is what is the vision for IndieCart and does my store fit within this vision?  

    Thanks! ;)

  • Hi Samberto,

    Of course you fit in :) We wouldn't have accepted your store application if not. Please make yourself at home, stock your store, and give it a try. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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