Best tips for great pics?
  • I think this is a topic that comes up over and over again for sellers. There are a ton of articles out there on the internet (I like this one: ) and here are some of mine:

    • First off, I don't think you need a special camera. I've always used a point-and-shoot Canon and could always get good shots
    • I completely echo the idea of using natural light that is somehow filtered (not direct, and no flash!). I sometimes took pictures on really bright days in the shade where there was a lot of reflected light from another surface. Bright, cloudy days are also perfect:

    I've also had luck taking pics next to a sunny window (when it was just too darn cold to go outside), like this one:

    • I experimented with cropping out backgrounds and going completely white, but ended up liking having more texture in the background. That one with the fruit baskets is taken on a weathered wood table on our deck, and I really like that neutral, yet textured background. I know other people have a lot of luck using lightboxes.
    • I personally like taking really tight, somewhat angled thumbnails like these:
    image   image   image
    to get those shots, I used the macro setting on my camera (just a point and shoot Canon) and got in close.

    So those are my tips, what are yours?
  • great tips!
    thanks. i need to keep working on my shots. my problem is finding a good background (like your weathered table)
    but i agree with lighting!
  • I always feel like my shots are just slightly out of focus.  It doesn't matter what I do- when I upload them they just aren't as crisp as I'd like.  I hate taking product photos.
  • I think your images look lovely, June! If they're sharp but look blurrier when you upload them, try using the non-Flash uploader. It seems like it uploads at slightly better image quality.
  • No, they look blurry to me just on my own computer.  But I'll keep the non-flash uploader in mind!  Thanks.
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