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Seller Fees: Costs to Sell on indieCart

The cost of indieCart is on a monthly basis rather than a fee per listing. Payment is as follows: there's a one cent set-up fee (which includes a week of paid time), and then $7.50 per month after that. You can let the payment lapse whenever you want (if you're taking a break, or going on vacation, for example), and then pick up the payments again at any time (without re-paying the setup fee or making up for the time you weren't using the cart). However, I can't pro-rate or refund payments that have already been made. The $7.50 payment will unlock your stocking page for a month from the date that you pay. If payment lapses, your in-stock store will still be visible to your customers for two months, but you'll be unable to add or edit items to the database.

Your in-stock page will have a web address of, and you can insert this link into your e-mails and your site. Your store can be customized to flow seamlessly from your main site.

The best part is, I'll set everything up for you. All you'll need to do is stock your store and wait for your shoppers to come running ;)

What is indieCart

indieCart is a community of independent shops featuring handcrafted items for your family and home.

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