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artisan, handmade, enameled art, art deco glass, sacred space necklace
artisan, handmade, art deco canvas art print sunflower, bronze dragonfly earrings
artisan, handmade, rose quartz carved flower beaming bloom necklace
artisan, handmade, vintage buddha pendant, art deco glass. sitting buddha necklace
artisan, handmade, vintage key, art deco glass, always about love necklace
artisan, handmade, agate, beach of many colors necklace
handmade, artisan, vintage truck, brass fairy, fluorite, fairy cadillac six necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled floral art, bee, art deco glass, positive bee-ing necklace
handmade, artisan, vintage art deco glass beaded vintage shell butterfly necklace
handmade bracelet rustic urban charmed trio
handmade, artisan, bronze fairy, crystal rhinestone, pink sea glass, carry-love necklace
artisan, handmade, shell, lotus & art deco glass, quiet inner peace necklace
artisan, handmade,copper heart cross earrings
handmade, artisan, art deco glass, enameled vintage sun, wild sun horse necklace
artisan, handmade,  rare vintage fifties heart tin, art deco glass, behind the 8 ball necklace
artisan, handmade, green pearl, vintage kiln fired rose, spring rose garden necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled art, art deco glass. inner realms necklace
artisan, handmade, enameled scarlet cat, art deco glass, purrfect love cat necklace
artisan, handmade, pink and cream golden drop rhinestone earrings
artisan, handmade, enameled bird art, art deco glass, ascension of love one necklace

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