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handmade, shell relic ceramic, necklace, pendant, art deco glass
heart, necklace pendant, purple jasper, peach tulip art deco glass, bronze heart & bee-love pendant
handmade, feather, necklace, pendant, art deco glass, bronze & black feather
handmade,gemstone, necklace, chrysoprase, smoky quartz, pearl, citrine 17 inch necklace
handmade, necklace pendant, peachy rose floral, art deco glass,  pendant
handmade, mandala, ceramic colorful pendant, art deco glass
peace symbol, necklace pendant, peace, black fairy, art deco glass
handmade, sea shell, mermaid, pink, mystic art deco glass, pendant
handmade,dendritic opal, bronze peace symbol, art deco glass pendant
handmade, loving kind hand, art deco glass, vintage tin, necklace pendant
handmade,lemon quartz faceted nugget , necklace, pendant
handmade, lapis, shaman dancer, cactus-vintage tin, necklace, pendant, art deco glass
handmade,earrings, chakra art deco glass, bronze earring
heart in my hand, necklace, pendant, blue art deco glass flower
handmade,gemstone, necklace pendant, rhinestone, bronze fairy pendant
handmade, necklace tricolor green, teal, silver, black necklace
handmade, peace symbol, necklace pendant, peace, cat, vintage blue tin, art deco glass
handmade, necklace, pendant, winds of time, key, art deco glass
handmade, mandala, pink design ceramic, pink & green art deco glass, pendant
handmade, heart, necklace pendant, retro vintage 50's dancers tin, art deco heart & glass, pendant

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