Stockpage changes and charity raffles

I just spent a little time changing the cart a little. You’ll notice
the changes when you log on to the stocking page. You can now specify
the Paypal addy for each item (it will still default to the Paypal
addy you gave me, so you don’t have to fill it in for each new item).
Normally, you wouldn’t change that, but if you get a different addy,
or want separate addy’s for funded and credit card, or even if you
want to host someone else’s product for them (as long as it’s not too
often), you can do it now. You can also run a charity raffle like I
did in the KSS store with separate funded and cc Paypal buttons, and
add a charge to the cc Paypal to cover the fees (this is normally
illegal, but I think it’s justified in the case of charity). You can
also change the e-mail addy that receives purchase notices, in the
event that you change e-mails.

Also, I’m going to add a special storefront for charity raffles
sometime today, so if you are interested in running one, you could do
it in your own store, or together with other wahm’s (Pamela of Wooly
Wonders originally contacted me about this, so I’m pretty sure she’ll
be running one).

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