Wanna set up a Hyena Cart?

Well, all went smoothly this afternoon, so I think we’re a go for
Hyena Cart! I think spreading out the stocking times really helped
keep the number of simultaneous stalkers to a minimum. At most, I had
22 people refreshing the page, and it seemed to be running nice and
quick. I also had one customer say it was the best hyena experience
she’d ever had 🙂

I’ll be in a meeting for the rest of the afternoon, but should have
time tomorrow morning to get started on stores for anyone who’s
interested. I can take funded Paypal at karen@hyenacart.com for the
$10 setup fee. Let’s wait on the $5 monthly fee until your store is
set up and looking the way you want. You can also delay paying it
until just before you’re ready to stock, so you get the most bang for
your buck 😉

Here’s the info I need from you:

1) url of the logo or banner you’d like to use in your store
2) biz name the way you’d like it to appear in the store
3) your e-mail addy
4) your Paypal addy
5) any special wording you’d like for the buyer’s e-mail
6) url path to your images folder, if you’d like the image paths to
default to it
7) url of your biz main page
8) login id and password you’d like to use to login to your stocking
page (both must be 6-8 characters long)
9) url of a banner I can use for the “powered by HC” page, if you’d like

I can also change the defaults on the active and end times, purchase
price, as well as the item description and shipping details (saves
your c&p’ing the same thing over and over).

Let me know if anything’s unclear.

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