A few more little things…

I switched the databases Friday night and everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. Hopefully with this and the server upgrade, you’ve noticed the site becoming faster to access.

In addition, I’ve made a few more small changes.

1) I wrapped the register and lost password pages in your store’s customization and graphics. So a customer can now enter your store, register, log in, etc. without ever leaving your store’s environment

2) I wrapped the shopping cart and checkout pages of HC Multi in your store’s customization as well. Check it out and make sure everything’s functioning the way it should be.

3) For congos — I changed it so that you can no longer edit a vendor’s id number. There should be no reason to do this since you can now re-order stores using the Order Number and changing vendor id’s usually makes a mess of all the links that have already been established.

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