DIY Homemade Fleece Pockets

These DIY homemade fleece pockets ended up being an essential part of my overnight diapering system. After trying many different options, I had ended up preferring to use Windpro fleece covers overnight. I liked them best because of their breathability, softness, and the lack of red marks on the kids. However, juggling a cover, trifolding the hemp jersey flat diaper, and laying a fleece liner on top was getting to be sort of a pain. Plus, the kids’ skin came in contact the wet diaper around the edges of the liner. These homemade fleece pockets solved all of these issues.

DIY Fleece pockets how-to

I bought some fleece at Joanne’s (thin, but soft), cut pieces to the size I needed, folded them, and sewed them on two edges.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When you’re determining the size of the fleece, use whatever prefold you’re going to stuff into the pocket.
  • Don’t forget to account for seam allowances and the thickness of the diaper. If they’re a little too wide, it’ll make them that much easier to stuff.
  • Also, it turns out fleece only stretches in one direction. To make them easier to stuff, make sure you sew your pockets so that the stretchy direction is from side-to-side. Only one out of the three I made are this way. The other two are a pain to stuff.

At diaper folding time, I just trifolded the hemp flat as usual and stuff it into the pocket.

Then when it was time to put on the diaper, I laid the pre-stuffed pocket in the cover, closed it and it was all set.

Here’s Isaac in a few different fleece covers.

This ended up fairly bulky, but not terribly so. Both kids could move around just fine and they woke up nice and dry in the mornings :). These homemade fleece pockets would work equally well with any wraps, including Bummis or Proraps.

If you’re looking for Windpro fleece covers, these covers from Little Boppers look like a great option.

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