Store Policies

Shipping Time Frame:
Many bags are made and ready to ship. If your bag is not made, it usually takes me 4-7 days to have it ready to go.
US Shipping Charges:
Mama Cloth $2.00
Small $2.00
Medium  or Small Wet/Dry $2.25
Medium Wet/Dry $2.50
Large $3.00
Pail Liner $3.00
Each Additional + $0.55 to $1
Return Policy:
If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason within the first 7 days, simply return your bag in new/unused condition and I will happily refund your purchase price less shipping and handling.

I stand behind my work. Within the first 90 days, if you have any workmanship problems with your bag, I will repair it. Workmanship problems: split seams, damaged stitching around zipper, weakened seam at carry loop, loose snap. If it cannot be repaired, I will replace it. If I replace it: depending on fabric print availability, a different print may have to be substituted. You only pay for the postage to send your bag to me for repair. Staining, fading, or piling of fabric is not considered an error of workmanship.

Please keep in mind that the liner in each bag has side seams, which I cannot seal. However, to minimize possible leaking, there is no seam in the bottom of the liner fabric. The inner lining is sewn separately from the outer print fabric. They are only connected at the zipper to help prevent wicking. The waterproof PUL liner will keep wetness in, but eventually the seams will leak/wick. When you first get your wet bag, test it! Put a clean wet washcloth inside and wait. You will be very happy with the wet bag’s performance... and if you're not. Simply return it.

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