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Zippered Wet Bags:

Holds* Dimensions In stock Sale With Dry Pocket
Small 2-3 diapers 10" x 12.5" $7 $6 + $3
Medium 6-8 diapers 14" x 15.5" $10 $9 + $5
Large 15-18 diapers 19.5" x 22" $17 $17.50
+ $4.50

 *The number of diapers each bag will hold may vary based on the brand of cloth diaper you use and whether you use doublers. You will be able to fit more prefold diapers than AIO/pocket diapers. Ex. I fit 4 GMD red edge PFs in my small wet bag. Or, 2 BG pockets fit easily, adding a 3rd BG pocket makes it a very tight fit.

Dry Pocket:

A zippered dry pocket can be added to most wet bags. It is often used to store or transport clean diapers, or other clean/dry items.
Zippered Wet Bag Size Comparison:
Size Comparison
Zipper closure:
I cannot sew right on top of the metal zipper closure because the needle breaks when you do that. It is a little scary and pretty dangerous to have needle pieces flying around. Needles break... it happens. But, I try to minimize that happening. The side seams, right up to the zipper are blind for me. The side seams are serged with the bag inside out.
I cannot see the zipper when I serge thru that portion of the side seam. The zipper is hidden from view inside the fabric. I feel for the zipper closure as I approach and get as close as I can, which is about .25" away from it.
Here are pictures of sample zipper closures. All bags are about the same.
Zipper Closure 2 photo Zipperclosure2_zps445cc7b6.jpg
Zipper Closure 1 photo ZipperClosure1_zps7e3f2161.jpg
Zipper Seams:

I top stitch all the way along the top zipper opening. This helps prevent the fabrics from getting stuck in the zipper. My "turn hole" is in this zipper seam. Your bag will have a section that is about 2" long that is double stitched along the zipper. It will look like this:
Zipper Turn Hole (Inside) photo IMG_9887_zpsbe6f2be0.jpgZipper Turn Hole (Outside) photo IMG_9879_zpsdc3e2551.jpg
Wet Bag Features:
Waterproof white or colored 1mil PUL liner. I've gathered that most moms prefer the fun colored linings. So, I use colored PUL as much as possible. I do not like when the colored PUL shows thru a white or light colored print. So, I often use white on lighter colored bags.
Machine Washable
Zippered to help keep smells inside
Snap open/close handles! So, you can hang your wet bag from more places, like your stroller bar.
Sewn with care by me: a WAHM in the USA.
The inner PUL lining is only sewn to the outer print fabric at the zipper to help prevent wicking.
The PUL is manufactured in the USA by AKASoft.
Quality design: All seams are hidden.
 Three Handle Choices Available on Large Wet Bags Only:
  • Side Snap Handle - 1 side handle with 2 snaps to allow you to hang your wet bag from more places
  • Top Center Handles - 2 handles attached at the top center of the wet bag. The handles can be either white nylon webbing or fabric handles that match the body of the wet bag. Top center handles are the most popular choice.
  • Towel Bar Handles - 2 handles attached on the back at the very top of the wet bag. Each handle has 2 snaps. These handles are ideal for hanging your wet bag from a towel bar or the rungs of your changing table.  
Large Wet Bag Choices
Diaper Pail liners:
Size Colors White Dimensions
Small $11.50 $11.50 24" deep x 45" circumference
Large $13.50 $13.50 28-29" deep x 54" circumference
Pail Liner Size Comparison:        Below: Adjustable Elastic
Pail Liner Size Comparison Diaper Pail Toggle
Care Instructions:
Machine wash hot or cold.
Hang dry or tumble dry any temperature. Don't worry the PUL can handle it.
Please no bleach.
Do not iron PUL.
If your bag is dark colored, do consider washing it separately the first few times. I would not want it to bleed onto your white diapers or inserts.
About Prints:
I buy fabric in limited quantities. If I find a print is popular, I try to get more. However, sometimes it is not possible. So, if you see a print you like, you may want to buy the wetbag now. I cannot guarantee I will have any print available forever.
Custom Prints:
If you don't see a print you like in my store, feel free to email me with a custom print request. Here a link to my Gallery with pictures of prints available at my local fabric store. I have semi-custom listings available, so you can easily order a small, medium, medium wet/dry, or large wet bag in your favorite custom print.



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