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I am a Work at Home Mom (WAHM). I first started making wet bags after making myself a set to use with my children's cloth diapers. In the beginning, I invested all monetary profits into 529 college savings plans for my kids, hence the business name 529 Baby. My family thanks you for your purchase.
Over the past 4 years, my business has steadily increased. In 2015, I will be focusing on continuing to grow my business and building my inventory. I will also be changing my 529 saving account investments due to our families changing needs. From now on, I will contribute at least 75% of monetary profits into 529 savings plans for my children, more whenever possible. Thank you for your understanding.
I first started selling my wet bags over 5 years ago on ebay under the screen name 75emsti. In 2013, I changed my ebay screen name to 529Baby, because it makes more sense for my business.  I am now a top rated seller.
I have been selling my wet bags in the Mom & Pop shop group on the babycenter.com community site. I use the screen name: Itsme57.  People leave me feedback right in my babycenter.com post. Since opening this hyenacart store, I am not doing much business thru the babycenter, but you can always feel free to message me there.
My Kids:
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