Store intros

Just wanted to let you know, that because of a request from Karren
(Muggum’s Nugglies), you can now add a little introduction at the top
of your store (just below the logo). There’s a space to do that on
your profile page. Feel free to leave it blank and your store will
look the same as always. To see an example of a store with an intro,
check out the test store:

Also, a few of you have responded to the poll about the auctions and
it seems that auction capability isn’t necessary for you all right
now. The next thing on my list is a request from Yvon (Storm in the
Attic) for a way to edit many items at the same time (say from preview
= 0 to preview = 1; or to delete a bunch of old items), so hopefully
that will happen in the next few months.

Finally, a few of you haven’t joined the Yahoo group yet. Please do so
if you haven’t. It will make it easier for us all to keep in touch.
I’ve made it announcements only, so you won’t get much e-mail in your

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