Customer logins

Just wanted to let you know I’ve added customer logins to your HC
stores. That means customers will now have to create a password
protected account in order to make purchases. In addition, the
accounts can only be activated from real e-mail addresses. This should
cut down on people “fake” buying with random e-mail addresses and will
hopefully deter people from stalking for each other. Also, it will be
easier to make purchases since the customers only have to click “Buy
Now” rather than filling in their e-mail addresses.

I’m hoping the accounts are self-explanatory, but you may want to send
out an e-mail to your customers just so they know what’s going on (I
don’t have a way to contact all the HC store customers).

The customer database will be common among all the HC stores, but the
information in it will be kept strictly private. It will absolutely
not be shared or sold.

I hope this makes life easier for you all. Please test it out (you can
make test purchases in the Test Account Store:

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