Categories at HC!

I’ve been a busy bee and have just added the ability to categorize
store items. This is mostly geared for those of you with a large
number of items up for sale at the same time. Categories could be
different sizes, different products (e.g., diapers, soakers, and
pants), or, if you’d like to run a mini-congo, different wahm’s. I do
think those of us who stock fewer than, say, ten items at a time,
should be able to get by without categories. I think it’s beneficial
for the customer to see as many products as possible on one page.
However, if there are too many, it can be overwhelming and difficult
to scroll through. So if you’re in that situation, just contact me and
I can get you switched over to a categories store. It’s not an option
that you can choose from your current stocking pages. I need to get
you set up with a category-store and stocking page. But I’d be happy
to do if for anyone who contacts me. There’s no cost to switch, and
the monthly charge is the same.

To take a look at a store with categories, go here:

If you don’t have graphical buttons for the various categories, the
links can be plain text rather than images, as seen here:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and let me
know if you’d like to switch over.

Also, I’ve had several people asking about having their store
integrated into their site the way it is on KSS and MDF. The
only way I’ve thought of to do that is for your site to be hosted
by me, through 1&1. I may offer this option someday, but
it’ll probably be a while before I get around to it. Just something to
keep in mind for the future.

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