Shipping options and ordering

I’ve made just a few more little changes on HC lately. The first is
that when you define shipping options, the last one is always checked
by default on the product details page. So if you have three options,
the third is checked. If you have only one, then it is checked.
Insurance defaults to “no.”

The other thing is that I’ve added a field called “ordering” just
under where you enter the item title on the stocking page. You can
just leave it at 0 and things will work as they always have. But if
you want your items to display in a particular order, then you can set
the “ordering” to any integer you like. Multiple items can have the
same ordering number, too, so you could have all your smalls be 1’s,
all your mediums 2’s, etc. Items with the same ordering number are
sorted by active times.

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