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***Custom Order*** Mud Butt Print SUPERHERO ***Custom Order*** Mud Butt Print SUPERHERO
Price : $24.00
Currently unavailable
Available in Diaper style and Pull-Up style
Who are these diapers for?
Older kids 40-60lbs, 3T-7/8
Kids who are chronically incontinent
Later Potty learners who need more than a trainer
Pull-Up Style
Legs- 10"-17"

Diaper Style
Waist- 16 1/2"- 28"
Legs- 10"-18"

Inner Fabric
We offer your choice of either white microchamois, a very soft, anti-pil fleece that is exceptionally stay-dry and great for sensitive skin, or OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour), a ultra soft sustainable fabric.  Inserts are topped with the same fabric you choose for your lining.
Outer Fabric
Outer fabric is a 100% Poly waterproof PUL.
* The number in parenthesis in the drop down menu is the current quantity I have in stock at the moment. ex. Teal Aliens[4] = I have four Teal Aliens available. If it shows [0] I am out of stock. When a print name does not appear in the drop down it is also out of stock.  If you have a question please contact us!  mudbuttclothdiapers@yahoo.com
Please refer to the images at the bottom of the listing for samples of our prints available. 
Choose your snap color(s) in the drop down. 

Snap and Touch Tape colors are viewable here:   http://indiecart.com/stores/mudbuttclothdiapers/index.php?info=707


Touch Tape
  Please note that the diaper in the picture featuring the touch tape is an Original size diaper, however, touch tape placement and size is identical in the SUPERHERO.  Touch tape is available on the diaper style SUPERHERO.
 An alternative to snap closure is our Touch Tape. 
*Securely sewn tabs do not curl and do not loose their 'sticking power'.
*Laundry tabs that WORK!
*Overlapping tabs for the littlest of littles
*12 Funky colors to choose from
Insert Type
Because of the unique needs of our older kids, the SUPERHERO is sold WITHOUT inserts so you can create a custom combination that works for you. Just a note that finding the perfect combo may take some trial and error so be patient!  Our test phase was a huge success with nearly all of them finding a great solution to their nightly floods but it took some experimenting as each kiddo is unique!
Listed here in order from Moderate Heavy wetter to Extreme Pee Machine:
Original Mud Butt Pocket and AI2 Inserts: Microfiber Zorb- 3 layers of fluffy microfiber and one layer of Zorb, a highly absorbent material capable of absorbing 10 xs its weight in second, all topped with a layer of your lining choice to absorb and wick away even more moisture! AI2 inserts have two snaps that securely snap into the lining fabric of the diaper to create the AI2 style.  This insert can snap into the front or back of the SUPERHERO allowing customization for wet zone. $4.50 each 
Mud Butt Thirsty Duo- great combination of 3 layers Microfiber and  one layer hemp terry in a traditional insert look in both AI2 and Pocket $5.25
Mud Butt MAXI- 2 layers of Zorb sandwiched between 2 layers of double sided Bamboo French Terry.  These can be AI2 or Pocket. $6.00 each
Mud Butt Bullet-Proof- Prefold meant for the pocket with one super thick layer of microfiber and one layer of Hemp Terry.  Tri-folded this insert is 3 layers of microfiber and 3 layers of Hemp. This is our thickest, thirstiest insert while still remaining relatively trim.  $10 each
***More insert options will become available June 2014 when our current Hemp test phase has been completed.
Testimonials from our testers:
We were using pull-ups for our 5 year old, 53 lb. boy for overnight wetting. We tried every brand, and he would wet through them almost every night. So, not only were we spending a fortune, but we still had to wash bedding at least 4 times a week! The superhero pull-up has been a wonderful option for him! It fits great and absorbs much better than disposable. Plus, he thinks the camouflage pattern is cool and feels less embarrassed because it doesn't look as much like a diaper. Yay for SUPERHEROES!!!!"  -Jenny G
"My son always wet the bed through an ordinary pull up, so i began the tedious journey to find something, anything. I started asking people in cloth diaper groups and luckily Carrie found me! We love the superhero and we tell everyone about them, best part he wakes up dry every time! This is only possible I'm sure because of the ability to change and double up inserts! found me! We love the superhero and we tell everyone about them, best part he wakes up dry every time! This is only possible I'm sure because of the ability to change and double up inserts!"   -Ashley D
"My favorite part is that if fits such a variety of children. I have a special needs daughter. She has epilepsy. She doesn't need diapers but we belong to several special needs children groups and a lot of people ask for cloth for their bigger kid. I will continue to direct them to your diapers. This is important to the special need community."  Jessica S
***Meets CPSC Safety Regulations***
Mud Butt Cloth Diapers is happy to welcome International Customers, however, please contact us BEFORE you place your order so that we can get you an accurate shipping quote. Thank you!
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***Custom Order*** Mud Butt Print SUPERHERO
***Custom Order*** Mud Butt Print SUPERHERO
***Custom Order*** Mud Butt Print SUPERHERO
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