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Shipping and Return Polices, Specials and Discount Codes, and Store Calendar

I will do my best to get in-stock orders shipped out to you within 48 hours of payment. However, please remember that I am a SAHM/WAHM and sometimes life with two kids gets in the way!
Custom orders will be shipped as soon as they are paid for and completed. Depending on my list of customs at the time of the order, I will do my best to get custom orders to you within 2 to 3 weeks of payment. If my wait time is longer than that you will receive an email informing you.
Shipping Cost:
First Class USPS $2.75 Each additional dipe $1.50
Priority USPS $4.90 Each additional dipe $1.50
Please contact me via email BEFORE you order if you require UPS or international. Both will be actual shipping cost.
Return Policy
For US customers only, if for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your order you have 7 days to contact me to arrange a full refund (minus shipping) or exchange. Diapers must be unused, unwashed and come back to me in the same condition it was received. If however there is a problem or defect with your item please contact me within 30 days. I will fix any repairs needed and will cover shipping back to me. Please note this does not include normal wear & tear.
Diapers purchased through a third party are not covered by any return or repair policy.
Elastic Replacement
Elastic break down is a normal part of the journey of your cloth diaper's lifespan.  If the elastic breaks down before 9 months after you have purchased it from us,  (We do not cover diapers you purchased used from another party) we will repair it for free.  You cover the shipping to us and we cover it back to you.  After 9 months it is considered normal wear and tear as we can not control how the diapers are cared for.  After 9 months, elastic will be replaced for a nominal fee ($4/diaper) plus shipping.  Please include your order info.  Diapers purchased through a third party may also be repaired but the fee is $5 per diaper.  In either case, you cover shipping to and from us.  To ensure a long and happy life of your elastic and also your PUL, please consider line drying your diapers instead of putting them in the dryer.  Even if you live in the artic tundra of Minnesota, like we do, it is possible to line dry your diapers without having to put them outside.  A sweater drying rack works excellently and can accomodate up to 30 diapers!

If you have average sewing capabilities and access to the supplies you can replace your own elastic.  Here is a tutorial I made.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0TazuQe1kc&feature=youtube_gdata

We are working on making a replacement kit available.  More info to come...
Specials and Discount Codes
Check back soon!
At Mud Butt Cloth Diapers we like to have FUN.  Giveaways and special contests and discounts happen frequently.  Our Facebook Fan Page is the first place you fill find out about them!  Join us!
Store Calendar
Mud Butt Cloth Diapers will be closed to custom orders the first week of every month beginning July 1, 2011.  This is an attempt allow some catch up time for custom orders as well as hopefully creating some instock diapers for those who would rather purchase those.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  As always, all Clean B products, u.p.Bags, and intock diapers and inserts will be available for purchase and shipped within a timely manner during my closed weeks.

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