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Mud Butt Cloth Diaper Definitions and Details

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Mud Butt Cloth Diapers come in two styles:  Pocket and AI2 (All-In Two) Pocket Fusion.  Both styles are available in the Original size (8-35lbs) and the MIGHTY (25-45+lbs for larger toddlers). Below are descriptions of   each.
Mud Butt OS Pocket Diaper
This is a traditional OS (One Size) pocket diaper with a Poly 1mPUL outer and a suedecloth inner.  ***Please note:  We are in the process of transitioning between suedecloth as an option for lining fabric for pockets to microchamois and OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour).  We will use up what we have in stock and then after it is gone we will delete it from the drop down.  The demand for suedecloth has gone down drastically now that microchamois and OBV are options for the pockets.  Thanks for your understanding and patience as we transition. 
All Mud Butts use a snap or touch tape closure system.  For both there are three different sizes for the rise.
Pocket diapers come with an insert made of 1 layer of suedecloth (making it possible to use against baby's skin if needed) , a layer of Zorb, and 3 layers of yummy microfiber.  As with any microfiber insert full absorbancy is reached after 5-6 washings. 
***Transitioning to microchamois for the topper on the pocket inserts.  Thanks for your patience.  Some larger orders may contain both types of inserts.
Mud Butt OS AI2 Pocket Fushion Diapers

AI2 Pocket Fusion Diapers make up 95% of custom orders.  This diaper is perfect for the momma or dadda who likes the convenience of a snap-in insert but needs the flexibility to accomodate more absorbent inserts.
The OS (One Size) AI2 Pocket Fusion is two dipes in one with a Poly 1mPUL outer and a yummy Micro Chamois or OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour) inner.  The snap-in insert has a suedecloth or OBV topper that goes against baby's skin and then 1 layer of Zorb and 3 thirsty layers of microfiber.  Just like the OS Pocket, the Pocket Fushion has a pocket for extra doublers or inserts for naps and overnights or for those babies who are gifted in producing massive amounts of urine like my little ones!!  As with other AI2 dipes, if it hasn't been soiled you may choose to snap in another insert and use it again before washing.
***We are transitioning from suedecloth topper to microchamois.  Thanks for your patience!  Larger orders may contain both types of inserts.  All OBV orders will continue to include inserts topped with OBV. 
Closure Systems
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Mud Butt diapers with snaps have eight rows of snaps across the front panel, snapping to those are 4 flap snaps.  All Mud Butt diapers come with 4 Thigh Savers which easily snap on to the outer snaps and stay snapped through washing and drying.  Once your little one has reached the size on the waist where the 4 outer snaps come in contact with their thighs and sides simply snap them into place saving him or her from those pesky and ouchie marks from exposed stud snaps.  
All Original size diapers with snaps have the option of adding overlapping snaps for smaller infants.
Touch Tape
In addition to snaps we offer the option of Touch Tape instead of snaps across the front.  (The rise will still feature snaps.)
Same great tabs with large Touch Tape squares for better 'stay put' power!
Laundry tabs that WORK!
Overlapping Tabs for the littles of littles plus the option of crossover both ways!
Touch Tape is secured with a zig-zag stitch which prevents fraying.  (There will always be a certain amount of fraying due to the nature of the touch tape material, but this stitch holds in those frayed edges preventing the touch tape from becoming detached.)
9 Funky colors to choose from:  White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, and Chocolate Brown
Original Mud Butt Cloth Diapers fit most babies 8-35lbs.  Pictures to come...
The MIGHTY Mud Butt fits larger babies and toddlers.  More complete sizing info and features of the MIGHTY are available on the MIGHTY Mud Butt product pages. 
Here are some examples of Mud Butt diapers both Original and MIGHTY on their owners.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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