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Oh Canada Diaper and Bag Set Oh Canada Diaper and Bag Set
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 ****US FLAG diaper and bag set is SOLD out. ***
CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF diaper and bag combo!  100% Poly PUL lined with microchamois, red and white snaps and can remain a pocket or be converted to an AI2 Pocket Fusion at no cost.  Snack bag measures approximately 6 1/2inx4in and is 100% Poly PUL lined with rip stop that is safe for food contact.
Diaper Style

Mud Butt Cloth Diapers offers two styles of diapers: Pocket Diapers and AI2 Pocket Fusion Diapers.  More info on these two styles can be found here:


Insert Type
From left to right: Zorb Pocket insert, AI2 Zorb Insert, Newborn insert full length, Newborn insert snapped down, AI2 Newborn Insert NOT PICTURED
Mud Butt Pocket and AI2 Inserts: Microfiber Zorb- 3 layers of fluffy microfiber and one layer of Zorb, a highly absorbent material capable of absorbing 10 xĺs its weight in Ż second, all topped with a layer of your lining choice to absorb and wick away even more moisture! AI2 inserts have two snaps that securely snap into the lining fabric of the diaper to create the AI2 style.
Newborn Insert:
3 thirsty layers of soft and flexible microfiber with a snap down feature to secure the folded insert for the first weeks of life before the regular insert works with your little. Newborn inserts are designed to go inside the pocket of both Pocket and AI2 diapers. Newborn inserts work well as a doubler when not needed as a newborn insert anymore!
Newborn AI2 Insert:
3 thirsty layers of soft and flexible microfiber topped with your lining choice with two AI2 snaps 1/3 of the way down the insert that allow the insert to fold over to create a shorter insert for our wee little ones.  Double thickness of the insert is in the bum side of the diaper when folded.  After baby as reached larger size setting the insert may be used inside the pocket as a doubler.
PLEASE ADD NEWBORN INSERTS TO YOUR ORDER under the listing 'Extra Inserts'. Thank you!

Thigh Savers

All Mud Butt diapers come with 4 Thigh Savers which easily snap on to the outer snaps and stay snapped through washing and drying. Once your little one has reached the size on the waist where the 4 outer snaps come in contact with their thighs and sides simply snap them into place saving him or her from those pesky and ouchie marks from exposed stud snaps.


Both styles of Mud Butt Diapers are great for little ones 8-35lbs.


We also offer an overlapping snap option for younger babies and slender little ones! If you would like this feature added to your diaper please select in from the drop down menu as you order.

INTERNATIONAL shipping is ONLY for customers in CANADA. Thank you!
  ***Meets CPSC Safety Regulations***
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Oh Canada Diaper and Bag Set
Oh Canada Diaper and Bag Set
Oh Canada Diaper and Bag Set
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