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Custom Made Items: For items listed as customs or items with custom changes or enhancements, please allow 2 weeks for completion.  Once finished, they will be packaged and shipped according to our normal shipping policy. We will do our best to keep you updated along the way. If you have any questions, or would simply like to request an update you’re welcome to contact us by email. (See our "contact us" link at the store front)

The Family Clause:

 Please be aware we are a family with young children.  We work very hard to get everything out as quickly as possible, but there are times we may need a couple extra days to get items shipped.  Please be patient with us. If you see our “new baby” notice at the top of our info pages, we have a new baby and although we are still accepting orders, we may need extra time to fill and ship orders. If you have a time limit you’re working with, or special needs, please contact us BEFORE you order so we may further assist you.

Customer satisfaction: is our goal! And we want to leave you feeling happy with your purchase and ready to return for more goodies. We always do our best to work towards that. However, return policies seem to be a necessary page on every shop. So…

 Defects ~ If there is a physical defect with your item, or you feel the listing was misrepresented, please contact us so we can talk about it!  Short of being a true defect, part of the joy of handmade items is that they are unique. ;-) 

 Other issues ~ We strive to make the most accurate listings humanly possible. Please, read the listings thoroughly and do not ask for refunds due to fit, sizing, or colors, unless there was a mistake in the item that was ordered vs. what was sent. 

Shipping problems, DC and ins. ~ If you ask for insurance or delivery confirmation, at the time of purchase/payment, and pay extra for it you’ll get it.  Otherwise insurance and delivery confirmation is not standard. As fun as dress–up and creative play is - We do not wear blue or brown suits, drive a big brown van, and are not in the delivery business. Therefore, as soon as your purchase leaves our hands it is at the mercy of your mail carrier. While we DO package carefully and bring the packages directly to the postal drop, we cannot guarantee their actions, nor can we be held responsible for usps, ups, or fedex, losing or damaging your purchases.

Being a small family business, we do not have a large profit margin, or fluid funds to draw from if a customer requests a refund. Please be fare in your expectations of us, as we are fare in our dealings with our customers.

As always, we’re happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Thanks for reading!

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