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We are a Hebrew, homeschooling, natural parenting, cloth diapering, home birthing, all around crunchy family that loves crafting and learning together. We enjoy an eclectic mix of crafts and hobbies. We love to craft with all things natural and beautiful. Mama loves creating with anything she can get her hands on. The children love crafting too. We, as parents, really enjoy feeding that creative need. Daddy also enjoys various crafts. Believe it or not one of his best talents is crocheting. After being forced out of the workplace with debilitating illness, he's become an integral part of our planning and also production when he's able. Our store started as a fun side hobby, and has now become a needed source of income. When you shop at the Pond, you're not funding a cooperation, you're supporting the needs of a family. We offer unique products for everyday life, and useful beauty for all different tastes.  Thank you for supporting work at home parents!

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