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Testimonials for Gemstones

While we do not anticipate that everyone who tries wearing gemstones will share these delightful outcomes, please know that many do!


"Left my blue chalcedony necklace at home and my anxiety is through the roof. I rarely ever take it off. No, this post is not sponsored, but I am so grateful that I found @inspiredbyfinn and I think it's time to order again. I just wanted to share in case someone else may be looking for alternative options for their own heal and wellness."


"Alissa has ADD & more likely than not, she is distracted, having mood swings or anger issues. She sees a therapist weekly & has had severe complications with medication. As usual, I turned to the internet to search for any ideas to help her. [[Enter Inspired by Finn]] I found my way to Inspired By Finn's facebook page & the reviews were phenomenal. I was totally skeptical, but at my wits end. I've heard of amber necklaces for teething toddlers working wonders, but I didn't know necklaces for other issues even existed. I eventually tried this (pictured below) ADHD calming necklace for her. She loves the colors, I love that each stone addresses separate focus issues. (See pic below) So, here is a honest review from one skeptical parent to another.
Alissa couldn't wait to put her new necklace on. Within the first few days of wearing it, she noticed an improvement in attention span at school. What I noticed at home, was she seemed giggly, joyful, not fighting with her sibling <as much> & having less anxiety. I know how this sounds 🙄...impossible. I don't fully understand how any necklace can improve someone's life, but it has. My daughter is proof. I can go as far as saying that on days she forgets her necklace, she acts like a totally different child... fighting like crazy & moody as can be. 🤯 I cannot recommend this necklace enough to anyone who suffers from focus issues, anxiety, and moodiness. Seriously guys...I wouldn't waste my time telling you about it if I wasn't seriously impressed. 💁🏻‍♀️"

"I wanted to let you know how amazing the ADHD necklace has worked for my son.   He is 7.5 and has been on medications for ADHD since shortly after he turned 5.  He had behavioral therapy for 2 years and I tried many other modifications with moderate success.   He's been wearing the ADHD necklace for about 4 weeks now and he went three days this weekend without his stimulant medication. He needed redirection the way I would expect any typical 7 year old boy to need it but it was what I would expect from a seven year old, not the usual ADHD behavior I am used to.  He's doing so well I almost sent him to school without his medication today and probably will one day this week to see how he does.  The necklace is AMAZING and I'm recommending it to all my friends whose kids have ADHD.   I just wish I had bought one sooner!"

"I just want to thank you so much. I purchased the ADD/ADHD necklace for my son (he will be 4yrs old in June) hoping that it would help him a little. He was having issues with all three domains: Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Let me tell you, I didn't realize how bad he had gotten until we had the necklace. We've only had the necklace for 2 and a half weeks, but it's like night and day. He obeys and follows through with most tasks, we have less issues with his hyperactivity (but some of that is normal for his age) and he is doing so much better with controlling his impulses. My mom was super skeptical about it, but even she says it's helping.  I took it off for a couple days to see if the necklace was causing a flare up of his psoriasis (I think it is, but I don't care anymore) and his behavior worsened to the point it was like we were back in square one. I put the necklace back on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon, even he was able to tell the difference and told me not to take his necklace away ever again."

"I bought the necklace as a last step before seeking professional treatment, and I wasn't expecting huge results, but I'd say we've seen a 75% reduction in his negative behaviors at least. It's amazing, and if I hadn't heard about your company, I'm sure he'd be on medication before he started school.  So thank you very, very much."

"It is working Awesome!!! People don't believe it.
Thanks so much!!!!"

"After almost a week, my 8 yr old son likes the hyperactivity/ADHD necklace.  I notice a slight difference for the better at home.  He's doing better at school, and he says the necklace helps.  Thanks"

"Okay- I can NOT believe the AMAZINGNESS of the ADD/ADHD Necklace!!!! My son is 9- NEARLY READY FOR MEDS- out of control. School has 2-3 paras through out the day- all day everyday!! I was picking him up an HOUR early the past month- because he can't keep himself together!! He has worn the adhd/ADD necklace since the day it arrived a week ago- and his case manager at school told me today that he has had an AMAZING week!! Even going to a play with his class WITHOUT a para 󾍁󾌵󾍁󾌵󾍁󾌵󾍁󾌵!!! 1000 percent a believer in this product I could cry tears of joy!! I don't know how I heard about you (I think it was a "sponsored" add type FB post on my page!!! Anyway- just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for creating these amazing natural health remedies"

"I purchased a hyperactivity necklace for my son about a week ago and it works phenomenally! He hasn't have one outburst since I put it on him upon its arrival! I can't tell you how much this means to us! He struggles daily with hyperactivity and anger issues to the point that we have a behavioral specialist and a therapist. This necklace has helped better than EITHER OF THOSE professionals combined. For a mama, this is ground breaking. I am so convinced that these gemstones have been our turn around."

"Just wanted to let you know! My son, who is almost 17, has been taking ADHD meds since he was about 5, has been wearing your ADHD necklace since July, and he has not had to use meds since! Thank you so much!"

Robby has been wearing his [necklace] every day for almost a year now and we can see a difference.  We forgot to have him put it back on after swimming one day…For THREE DAYS and it was like someone had flipped a switch on in him and he was off the wall, once I realized we’d forgotten his necklace, I immediately put it back on him.  We rarely take it off of him now.  It really does work and even some of our friends have seen a difference in him.  So thankful that I ran across this."

"I have an adult size one that I'm wearing now - and as an adult with a previous ADD diagnosis I can tell you that I notice a difference wearing it... more focus, better attention, decreased brain fog, decreased 'scatter-brained'."

We really didn't notice a big change until he DIDN'T wear it every day. That's when we knew it actually helped.  I had sewn fabric loops to attach the bracelet to into the pockets of all his shorts at the beginning of the school year a few years ago. When he started wearing pants that didn't have the loops (& the bracelet) in his pocket, we were getting notes from his teacher that he seemed distracted , unfocused, & somewhat aggressive. So now every new pair of pants he gets, I sew a loop in a pocket for the bracelet."

"I can tell when my son has this on!! He's a completely different kid!!!

" oldest is finally focusing better at school thanks to his necklace..."

"I LOVE this necklace. Love love love love love. When my son broke his I gave him mine to wear until the replacement came because the behavior difference was that vast."

Click here for a conversation people had on our Facebook page about our 'Curbs Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit, & Improves Focus gemstone products.


"I ordered two stress and relaxation bracelets for my daughter and I. There has been a huge difference in her since she has started wearing it. Being a military family and moving a lot, she was a "stressed" child with many meltdowns. She is still a normal child and has her moments but no where as many and bad as before. For myself I can feel the difference when I am wearing it. Nothing is fail proof or perfect but the bracelets push the limit on how well they do work for us:)"

"I want to let you know that I believe this bracelet has saved my life. Not that I ever thought of taking my own life, but my mind now is at peace. This has saved me from going to a DR and being prescribed meds and I will wear it forever, even if it is Purple. (I'm colorblind anyways).  Thank You again!!!"

"I am so glad I found you guys!! My anxiety is finally under control thanks to my bracelet..."


"I bought the hormone balancing bracelet after I found out my hormones were a problem with trying for a baby. I wore it for a few months and became pregnant after 4.5 yrs of trying!  I would like to think the bracelet helped!"


"I just bought my daughter her second allergy bracelet since her brother broke her other one. It's been a life saver! I can't believe how well it's worked. We've been dealing with eczema for years and nothing has ever helped relieve it even a little. Now her eczema has completely cleared up. It's so amazing and my daughter calls her bracelet special. Thank you thank you!!!"

"My daughter has had severe allergies and dermatitis issues since birth (she's 2) we have been to Riley , tried steroid shots, 25 diff medications, numerous medications ... We literally have tried everything imaginable without success . Her ankle bracelet and necklace came in yesterday and she's wore it about 24 hours ... I cannot believe like honestly if I wasn't seeing it I wouldn't believe it!!! She still has some cracking and dry spots but it is 80% better ... Thank you !!!!"

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