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Our Story

Who is Finn? 

He is my son and the reason I discovered the benefits of Baltic amber.  Finn is both my teacher, and inspiration for many things. 

It was 2007, and Finn had started the uncomfortable process of teething.  Looking for a natural solution, I decided to try a little-known ancient remedy called Baltic amber.  The relief it brought Finn astounded me and it set me on a mission.  Back in 2007, Baltic amber jewelry for therapeutic use was relatively unknown in the U.S. so it was rather expensive and challenging to find.  I became passionate about spreading the word about Baltic amber and making it more accessible and affordable for others.  
                                     <u>Baltic Amber Necklace - Kids Polished Rainbow - Health & Wellness Jewelry</u>

At first we carried only children's items.  Later when we began to offer amber in adult sizes and styles, something exciting happened.  Moms began contacting us in great number telling us how Baltic amber was helping them too!  Moms with neck injuries, chronic headaches and migraines, menstrual discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, grandmothers with arthritis and so on ALL telling us about the relief they were experiencing when wearing Baltic amber.

Since 2007, Inspired By Finn has been dedicated to raising awareness of this natural, drug-free anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  We've grown into a company of tight-knit friends and mothers.  Our line of health and wellness jewelry has expanded to include both beaked hazel wood and gemstones, which also have unique health benefits. 


Over the years we've served tens of thousands of repeat customers and the testimonials we've received over the years amaze even us.  All of us at Inspired By Finn, as well as our families, have benefited from these gifts of nature and we love sharing them with you. 

Currently, we are excited to announce that we are beginning to add essential oils to our line of health and wellness products!  We are thrilled to carry premier quality Young Living essential oils, and are a Young Living professional account holder (account # 4291720).


Browse our products and don't hesitate to Contact Us.  We're here to help.  We hope you and your loved ones will also experience the relief these natural products have to offer. 

Yours in health,

The Inspired by Finn Team

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