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Testimonials for Hazel Wood

While we do not anticipate that everyone who tries wearing hazel wood will share these delightful outcomes, please know that many do!

For Pregnancy Heartburn & Nausea

"I want to give this more time, but have to tell you...I've worn it for 24+ hours now and I'm happy.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant, having terrible heartburn, and have hit the point where papaya won't work, TUMS won't work, and I've been dependant on Pepcid DAILY.  I hate taking meds while pregnant (well, anytime, really) and breastfeeding (and I'm doing both) and wanted to give this a try.  So far I haven't even taken any papaya!  I've tested it too, with sausage, pizza, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.....all things that trigger my heartburn (in addition to the fact that I have heartburn 24/7 right now!)."

"I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and have been battling heartburn and nausea. Since putting the necklace on, I have not had any heartburn and I haven't had to take my medicine for nausea. I'm very pleased with this product! Thank you so much!"

Non-Pregnancy Related Reflux

"I was taking a dose of Pepcid every day.  Now I hardly ever have to take it."

"I purchased a hazel/Baltic Amber necklace and wear it 24-7. I can not believe how much it has helped my acid reflux."

Children's Reflux

"I love the hazelwood necklace I got my daughter for her reflux. She has improved more than words can even describe to the ""point of not needing medication. "


"I ordered a Hazelwood necklace from you a few months ago... it worked great for my son. He has been constipated and the necklace worked wonders for him.  Well a few weeks ago I started to notice that he was having 'troubles' every now and is official, he is in desperate need of a new necklace."

"Just want to say thank you! I bought the hazel wood best for digestive issues necklace and IT REALLY WORKS! My six month old was dealing with constipation terribly for the last few months and since receiving the necklace he's had bowel moments daily! It really is amazing to me :)"

Skin Conditions

Click here for a testimonial about eczema (w/ pictures)

"I purchased the hazel wood and aquamarine necklace in June hoping it would help with my eczema.  I have struggled with eczema for years.  I tried just about everything I could think of, every cream on the market.  Even prescription creams.  Nothing helped.  My eczema is the worst on my right hand, although I have it sporadically on my arms. My hand itche'd and ached so badly, I cried sometimes.  When I found the necklace I thought I might as well try it! Let me just say, it has been the remedy I needed all this time! Within 1 week of wearing it, my eczema on my hand was about 90% gone!  After 2 weeks, it was completely gone and has been since. There was a short period of time I didn't wear it and I noticed little bumps starting to itch on my hand.  I started wearing the necklace consistently and they went away.  I am amazed! I live in NE Ohio and when the weather breaks, my eczema flares up.  It has yet to do so! I am a true believer in the healing powers of hazel wood and aquamarine. It has truly helped clear my eczema!!!"

"A year later and several necklaces and my son's skin remains clear with only minimal flare ups. These are truly great products!"

"My daughter has had severe allergies and dermatitis issues since birth (she's 2) we have been to Riley , tried steroid shots, 25 diff medications, numerous medications ... We literally have tried everything imaginable without success . Her ankle bracelet and necklace came in yesterday and she's wore it about 24 hours ... I cannot believe like honestly if I wasn't seeing it I wouldn't believe it!!! She still has some cracking and dry spots but it is 80% better ... Thank you !!!!"

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