Download with details, new sponsored shop pricing, mobile site

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick updates for you:

  • Several of you have requested this for a while and it’s finally been implemented: there’s now an option to download your order history with each item in the order broken out (previously the order simply showed total amount with no item details.) Look for the “Download order history with details” link on your Order History page to try it out.
  • I’ve modified the Sponsored Shop pricing. It’s now a very affordable $1 per day. I hope this makes it a better option for you all.
  • Finally, the mobile version of Hyena Cart was launched a few years back and in the interim, I didn’t realize how many people found it… let’s just say, not the best. I’d like to make the mobile site more usable for everyone. If you have suggestions on how to improve the mobile site, please leave comments below. I did make modifications to be compliant with Google’s mobile requirements and we now have the coveted “Mobile friendly” designation so the site won’t be penalized in mobile searches:



Thanks everyone!

Spots’ Corner pricing and image size limits

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few items:

  • We’ve just updated Spots’ Corner pricing to include direct image uploading the server for $2.50 per half-month (previously $3.50 per half month.) 
  • We’ve also updated the image upload code to allow images up to 5 Mb (previously 2Mb). The older limit made sense when cameras took smaller photos in general, but it was getting in the way for many people, especially those trying to upload images from phones / tablets.

Speaking of phones / tablets, we have a very exciting project in the works to make HC much more compatible and user friendly with mobile devices. Stay tuned! We’ll have more info towards the end of the month.

Thanks for shopping and selling on HC!

Please send feedback on server performance

Hi all,

We’re continuing to tweak server settings to prevent crashed tables and also the calendar issues. We were recently contacted on the helpdesk and became aware that some of the high traffic stockings have been struggling for the past month or so. This information is extremely helpful and we’ve made more modifications with the help of this feedback. We really do want to make sure the site is running smoothly and doing what you need it to, to run your business, so if you could take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and drop us a line if you’re encountering issues, it will be extremely helpful.

We just made some changes today so, moving forward, if you:

  • have a high-traffic stocking coming up
  • are experiencing slow page loading / error messages

please email us at support [at] and let us know.


Technical issues should be resolved now

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience as we resolved the issues from this morning. We believe we’ve modified the server settings to prevent it from happening again. If it does though, we’ll be working to fix it as quickly as possible.

Thanks again!

Calendar issues and vendor currency options on Shared stores

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to apologize for the issues we’ve been experiencing on the stocking calendar. I’ve been working with the host to resolve the problem (the calendar was often showing up as blank), and it is much improved now. I’ll keep my eye on it to make sure we have the problem solved.

Also, for those of you with shared stores and international sellers, I have now added the option to allow each congo seller to choose her own currency option. The congo admin must first choose “Vendor defined” as the currency option on the main Profile Page. Then each vendor can choose a currency on her individual profile page.

As always, thanks for hosting your store on Hyena Cart!

Added Hold option and auto-hide sold out listings for Shared Stores

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know I’ve added a few new features for Shared Stores:

  • “Hold” option — this option places an item on hold for 10 minutes when a shopper clicks “Buy Now.” If the shopper does not complete payment via Paypal within those 10 minutes, the item automatically restocks and can be purchased by another shopper. The previous order is canceled. This option can be found in the Stocktype drop-down menu on the add / edit listing page.
  • Auto-hide sold out listings — when this option is set to “yes”, sold out items will automatically be hidden from the store view. This option can be found at the bottom of the Store Settings >> Profile Page

Both of these features have been added thanks to the great suggestions on the Feature Request page: So if you have any features you’d like to see added to Hyena Cart, please add them there — it really works 🙂

Thanks everyone!

Switching from google groups back to HC blog

Hi everyone!

As you know, we switched to a google group last summer so that I could maintain contact with all of you in the event of server issues. Now that I’ve had more time to arrange a longer-term solution, I’d like to bring back the Hyena Cart blog, but I have placed it on an alternative domain and server. This server is totally independent of our HC server (completely different hosting company), so if there are issues on HC, the blog will still be up and running.

If you were on the google group list, I have transferred you over to the new blog subscribers list. You can remove yourself at any time (or sign up under a different email address) using the “Subscribe” and “Unsubscribe” buttons in the left hand menu.

For this first post, I’m going to send email both via the google group and the new blog, just to confirm you get both. A bit later this week, I’m going to send another email to all active sellers, to ensure they get the news as well. Sorry if you end up getting three emails this week — it won’t be the norm!

Thanks again everyone for using Hyena Cart 🙂


Note that Jewelry and Accessories categories have been split apart

Just wanted to make sure you saw that the category that used to be called “Jewelry and Accessories” has been split into two different categories. You’ll want to check how your store is categorized in your Store Settings >> Profile Page, and also note that when you start defining your listings within the site-wide categories.

That’s all for now 🙂

Sitewide category definitions for products plus some other improvements

Hi all,

For Single Owner (HCM) stores, I just added the option of defining your product on the basis of the Hyena Cart site-wide categories and subcategories. Once this has been in place for a while, the links from the main site onto category-level pages will have the option to show products or stores (it only shows stores now). Subcategory pages will show items defined into those subcategories vs. now, where the subcategory pages show search results based on the subcategory name. This should make browsing easier for our shoppers in the future 🙂 If you have suggestions for other categories and subcategories, I would be happy to add them.

In other news, you now have the ability to batch print pack slips from the order history page, and shipping options are now shown in the correct currency (they used to show in only dollars, which was incorrect).

Thanks everyone!