Download with details, new sponsored shop pricing, mobile site

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick updates for you:

  • Several of you have requested this for a while and it’s finally been implemented: there’s now an option to download your order history with each item in the order broken out (previously the order simply showed total amount with no item details.) Look for the “Download order history with details” link on your Order History page to try it out.
  • I’ve modified the Sponsored Shop pricing. It’s now a very affordable $1 per day. I hope this makes it a better option for you all.
  • Finally, the mobile version of Hyena Cart was launched a few years back and in the interim, I didn’t realize how many people found it… let’s just say, not the best. I’d like to make the mobile site more usable for everyone. If you have suggestions on how to improve the mobile site, please leave comments below. I did make modifications to be compliant with Google’s mobile requirements and we now have the coveted “Mobile friendly” designation so the site won’t be penalized in mobile searches:



Thanks everyone!

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