Transitioning Hyena Cart to indieCart

I’m sending an email out with this same information, but figured I’d post it here as well:

As I mentioned in this blog post last March, we will be merging Hyena Cart with its sister site, indieCart. This is to give you more information about how this transition will work and what you need to do as we make the switch:

  1. First off, you shouldn’t need to do much of anything! Your store has already been transferred to indieCart, with a similar url to your Hyena Cart store. So if your current url is, your new store can be found at . Any product additions or edits you make on your Hyena Cart store will also be reflected in your indieCart store (although images may take overnight to transfer.) Note that I haven only transferred stores that have been active in the last two years. If you have an older store you’d like to transfer, please contact me via the helpdesk and I’ll get you transferred.
  2. All of your products, order history, and store design have been transferred over. 
  3. Shopper accounts and shopper histories have also been transferred over.
  4. As you know, there are separate login pages and accounts for shoppers and sellers on Hyena Cart. However, on indieCart, your shopper and seller accounts are unified, and the login page is the same as well. Your seller account has been transferred to indieCart, and you can login from here: . Use the email address associated with your Hyena Cart selling account. The password should work as well, but if not, you can reset the password using the Forgotten Password link. Once logged in, you can manage your store via the drop-down menu under the greeting message (the “Manage Store” menu option.)
  5. We will be soft transitioning through January. This means you can start sending shoppers to your indieCart store anytime. 
  6. As part of the transition, the underlying operating system for indieCart has been upgraded. While I\’ve tried to find all of the bugs associated with this upgrade, there may still be a few here and there, so please let me know if things aren’t working the way you expect.
  7. Assuming the soft transition goes smoothly, we’ll start automatically redirecting traffic from Hyena Cart to indieCart in February. Again, you won’t need to do anything special. Once the redirection starts, any shopper accessing will be automatically redirected to the same page on (whether it’s your store page, or a specific listing page, they will be taken to the correct page on indiecart.)

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me via the helpdesk: or post here!

Finally, if you have a store that hasn’t been transferred and you’d like it to be, please let me know!

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