Doing the blog thang…

I’m thinking this will be a better way to share updates and random thoughts on HC development.

HC has grown a ton since January of this year (going from under 200 stores to over 700!). And while the customer base has been growing, it hasn’t been keeping up with the new vendors. It’s about time to do some heavy advertising, not to bring in more sellers, but more buyers. And I fully intend to do that in the near future, but a few things have to happen first. The main thing is, the site needs to be revamped and re-cast to be completely user-friendly, easy-to-understand for non-hyenas, and beautifully eye-catching. This is all in the works. I’m hoping to have something launched at the beginning of next year. Then we’ll really market the site and bring in the buyers. I’m excited to see where this will all lead and looking forward to bringing more buyers in for the beautiful and high-quality items we’ve got offered here at HC 🙂

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