Dear Customer - thank you very much for supporting my little business - thank you for buying handmade. I hope you'll very much enjoy your purchase! My dolls and little friends are created according to my own ideas and pattern. Please do not copy, reproduce or resell (except the second hand doll market) any item and/or photo from my shop without permission from Regina Marti 'mARTi creates'. Thank you very much! My goal is to make my customers happy. - so, if you decide to purchase a doll from 'mARTi creates' you can be assured that the doll was made with great joy, love and care. There wont be another one like your doll! But please keep in mind that it is always a handmade doll. Due to the delicate fibers small details (buttons etc) my dolls are recommended for the adult collector. It is your sole decision to buy a handmade doll from 'mARTi creates' and to let your child or any child play with it. I, Regina Marti, the seller can not be held responsible for any safety issue related to playing with a doll from 'mARTi creates'. In no event shall Regina Marti, 'mARTi creates', be reliable for any damages (bodily injury, emotional distress, or any special, incidental or consequential damages) arising out of a purchase from 'mARTi creates'. By purchasing from 'mARTi creates' you agree to these terms. Please also keep in mind that a cloth doll can get dirty or the hair might not always look so nicely combed. But these are all signs of great love and lots of play! The doll can also be washed gently by hand. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions! THANK YOU very much for stopping by.....I'm happy you are here!

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