Dear Reader, It's a great honor to be part of this wonderful and ever so talented group of dollmaker! As I child I had a small collection of stuffed animals and some dolls which I adored and took great care of. I was (and still am) very particular about 'how my little stuffed friends would look at me'. If a connection sparked we would be friends for life....and these little friends are still my silent supporter in my studio. Creativity was always a part of my life. I wrote beautiful letters, made jewelry, created little bears and tried many more crafts. Due to my husbands work we are away from our home country since over 10 years. This journey is very interesting and exciting but also challenging. So soon after we left home I started creating again and am finding a lot of comfort, love and joy in creating little doll children...the magical moment when they all of a sudden look at you is priceless - it give me contentment and warmth to see the different little personalities develop. And I wish that maybe you, dear reader, can find a dear little friend in one of my doll children some day too. That they can make you smile and brighten your busy every day life. Thank you for reading - thank you for your support! warm wishes, Regina Marti 'mARTi creates'

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