Bitty Fluff
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I currently offer custom services for my woolies.

Patterns I am licensed to knit from:

Comfort Wool - Springtime in Hollis

Adorabubbles - Longies, Shorties, and Turtle Butt soakers

Julibeans -

Juliette Skirties/soakers (includeing my removable and interchangeable modification)


I offer both Your Yarn My Hooks/Needles or My Yarn My Hooks/Needles (YYMH YYMN) slots. For all YYM? slots they are knit as they come in, I work on many projects at one time, and will spend the majority of my time on my first project in, and least on my last project in, as the first project gets done I will move project #2 up into that spot. I try to finish my YYM? in a timely manner, if you have any concerns on my wait time just shoot me an email and ask what the wait should be for that particular time line.

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