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Hi there! First off welcome to my store!

I am Cristi, owner and operator, mom and wife, therapist and taxi driver, Oh yeah and in my spare time I love to crochet, knit, and write patterns!

I have four wonderful children ages 8-2. In that mix I have three special needs children. My son, 5, has moderate Autism,My 2 year old has had major reconstructive surgery on her skull, twice. She has some residual damage from the malformation of the skull and we have no idea what the future may hold for her, and my 8 year old has high functioning Autism

I have cloth diapered for 6 years now, and started crocheting when I was about 8. I have been knitting for several years as well. I started dying yarn about 3 years ago. I take great pride in my work and hope that you see the same quality in my products here.

My goal is to offer affordable woolen goods to families like ours. I use wool because it is free of harsh chemicals, plastics, and who knows what else might be in the products most use on a daily basis. I love my wool, it protects against leaks very well, our products are created with the upmost attention to detail! We use a varity of patterns in our longies/shorties/rompers arsenal, some written by me, some by others.

Our Pattern

We have developed several patterns and always have something new in the works. These can be found here as well as Ravelry. If you find you need assistance with a pattern please email me! I am always here to help!

I am licensed to knit several patterns, more being added all the time! If you would like to have something knit, or designed for you please let me know and we will see what we can come up with.

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