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<u>Polished 4 Different Colors<br>For Knee Discomfort<br>Smaller Beads</u> Polished 4 Different Colors
For Knee Discomfort
Smaller Beads

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100% Authentic Baltic Amber - Guaranteed!

Our necklaces and bracelets are made of natural, high-quality, authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world.  Our amber jewelry is not made of plastics, synthetics, copals, reconstituted amber, or any other imitation of Baltic amber. 

Our Quality Assurance Program, Certificates of Authenticity, and Our Money-back Guarantee.

About Baltic Amber

For hundreds of years, Baltic amber has been a traditional remedy and curative for many ailments and discomforts.

What is Baltic Amber?  How it Helps Us, and The Ailments it Helps to Relieve.  The Colors and Styles of Baltic Amber We Recommend.

Baltic amber is a natural product - it does not come from a dye lot!  Every piece is uniquely beautiful in its varying earth-tone shades. Slight variation of color and markings from necklace-to-necklace is not unusual.  

About this adjustable knee strand
  • Made with polished Baltic amber beads.
  • There is approximately 12" of amber on this strand.  Strung on pthalates-free elastic cord and secures with 925 sterling silver spring-ring clasps which can fasten in between any two beads on the strand (shown below.)  The cord will wrap around your leg 1 1/2 - 2 times and can be adjusted snug enough that it can be worn while exercising!
  • Handmade by Inspired By Finn in the U.S.A  
  • Your very own unique piece of natural history!

Please allow an extra day or two for us to process an order for this item. These are custom made for you at the time we receive your order.

How to Get the Maximum Benefit From Wearing Baltic Amber.  How to Clean and Care for Your Amber.

Allergic reactions/topical skin irritations to wearing Baltic amber are extremely rare, but do occur from time-to-time.

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<u>Polished 4 Different Colors<br>For Knee Discomfort<br>Smaller Beads</u>
<u>Polished 4 Different Colors<br>For Knee Discomfort<br>Smaller Beads</u>
<u>Polished 4 Different Colors<br>For Knee Discomfort<br>Smaller Beads</u>
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