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About Me

My name is Andrea Isabell and my biggest support is my wonderful husband, Justin. We are blessed with two boys, Jackson and Liam. We live in Eastern Pennsylvania and my husband is originally from Bucks County. I grew up in beautiful Medford Lakes, NJ. We both met in 2001 while working in Boston. I was close to finishing my enlistment working in public relations in the Coast Guard and Justin worked at an architectural firm while going through school. After getting engaged, we wanted to be closer to family so moved back to PA in 2003 where Justin put a temporary hold on getting licensed as an architect and began working with a home builder and I for a veterinary hospital. In 2004 Jackson was born and changed our lives. I stayed home with him enjoyed every second of it. Then Liam came along in January of 2007.

We began cloth diapering Liam when he was 2 months old after discovering a diaper rash he had would not go away. After doing some research it was decided to make the switch to cloth and it fit in with our desire to live more green while on this earth.

Quickly the doors began opening to the wonderful and fun (dare I say diapering can be fun?!) options for cloth and fell in love when I saw the knit longies and shorties and soakers. I was hooked when I learned the benefits of wool and was inspired to learn how to do it myself. So I picked up some needles and the rest is history. It's in my blood I guess as my mom crochets and my grandmother and great-grandmother all knit.

My goal for starting Dwell Wool Knits is to provide you with beautiful knit wool to cover your baby's cloth diapered bum. I knit under the Wool Wonder Wonder Pants and Wonder Soaker license.

I am so glad to knit for you and love the idea of your baby dwelling in Dwell Wool Knits.

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