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Kanga Carrier Database

Kanga Carrier Database
Find your carrier!

Previously, I have kept the Kanga database on Yahoo, but due to several factors (mainly Yahoo groups being terribly slow and unreliable and not being available to everyone), I have put a link to a .pdf version of the database.  I really wanted to do a filterable table, like on Yahoo Groups, but Javascript makes no sense to me at all.   Hopefully this will help you find what you're looking for.

When you click on the link, it may give you a choice to "open" or "save".  You can choose either option, but if you save it, you will need to find it on your computer.  You may need to resize it to 100% to read it.  When you open it, you will be able to use your reader or browser's "find" option to search the database. 

*For example:  You have an older Kanga without a date sticker on it and would like to know when it was made and what size shoulder straps it has.   It is an XTP with a butterfly print on navy straps with a flower applique.

You can search any keyword: Such as XTP or butterfly or navy or flower.  This will search all the times the word appears.  If you know the actual name of the print, you should start with that.

I hope this helps everyone!  I will be inserting more links to pictures as I have time.  If you have a carrier you can not find that was made before 2015, please email me and I will check on it. 

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