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Kanga Strap Tutorial - How to wear your Kanga

1.Standard straps
2.Straps which cinch to a smaller size
3. Chest belt set up
4. Waist belt position

A picture is worth 1000 words. The shoulder straps on a Kanga buckle carrier are a little bit different than other carrier brands. Here's how to correctly wear your straps and cinch them to the smallest setting.

The shoulder strap in the picture below is not tightened properly because the buckle is catching on the loop.

Properly tightening your shoulder straps

1. First, unbuckle. Push the male half of the buckle underneath the loop. It may be tight, but it will fit. Cinch the male half of the buckle up to the end of the webbing. Now, you are ready to rebuckle.

2. Slide the female half of the buckle underneath the loop and rebuckle.

3. Ta-da! Now your Kanga is correctly fastened at the smallest setting. For carriers with the "cinch to a smaller size" option, there will be 2 loops.  See below for details on these carriers.

Straps that "Cinch" to a smaller size

For carriers with the "cinch to a smaller size" option, there will be two loops at the end instead of one.

1. For the smallest size, simply slide the female half through the top loop for the smallest setting - the bottom loop is for the larger setting and will not be used when cinched to the smallest size.

2.  To cinch to the largest size, unbuckle and thread the male half of the buckle and webbing through the top loop.  Thread the female half of the buckle through the bottom loop.  If you need more length, you may thread the male half through both loops.

3.  This picture shows the carrier correctly fastened in the largest setting.  You may need to thread the male half of the buckle and webbing through both loops if you need extra length.

When your Kanga straps are sized correctly, the point at which the webbing attaches should be underneath your arm.  If the point at which your webbing attaches is signigicantly higher, you would probably be more comfortable with a longer strap. The end of the shoulder strap padding should extend towards your back. 


Chest Belt
The chest belt for the Kanga is removable for those who prefer to cross the straps in a front carry.  When using the chest belt, please make sure it is installed correctly. The loops should encircle the padding of the shoulder strap, not the webbing.  Installing the chest belt incorrectly may damage your carrier.

Kanga Waist

The waist of a Kanga carrier sits at your natural waist instead of on your hips.  The back padding of the waistband should be flush against the small of your back.  There are some people who are more comfortable wearing the carrier lower, however, and that's okay, too, although wearing lower than at your waist will usually require you to have longer than standard shoulder straps since the straps are sized for wearing higher.

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