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Custom Carrier Information

Want a Bloo Kangaroo carrier with your style in mind? Get a Custom!

Choose from the many options available to create a Kanga that will be unique to you and your style.

All Custom Kanga's include a basic strap fabric (Organic options are available on request) and your own print fabric.  Customs will include dual-adjust buckles unless single-adjust is specified.

  • Custom Sizing
I will be happy to customize your waist length, shoulder strap length, carrier headrest height, and webbing length.  For extra width on the X2 and XT carriers, you may request the next size up side extensions. Petite shoulder straps are 2" shorter than standard, XL are 2" longer than standard. 

Please keep in mind that extreme modifications may affect the overall design and fit of the carrier. Custom carriers with size modifications (to strap length or waist) are non-returnable.

  • Hood Options
The Kanga-X2,XT, XTP, and BK may be ordered with a removable hood which can also be made of the printed fabric. You may choose to have your carrier print on the top or bottom of the hood or both sides.

  • Appliqué's
You may choose to have your carrier made with an appliqué'. I've done several unique appliqué's and I'm always open to something a little different.

Pretty much anything can be made into an appliqué' as long as it can be confined to a basic shape. If you have something in mind for your appliqué', please let me know. If you don't have a preference, I will choose one for you.

The appliqué will be placed on the headrest unless otherwise specified (please tell me if you would like it on the hood instead).

*Please note, all appliqué designs remain my intellectual property and I retain the rights to reproduce them on other carriers either in part or in whole.  If you have a design that you would like to be exclusive to your carrier, please send original artwork.  Applique's are all hand-sewn with satin stitch, not stitched by a computerized machine.*

  • Paneled Carriers

All carriers have the option of being a multiple fabric (paneled) carrier. This is a carrier with 2 prints or a solid/print combination for the front of the carrier. This option is available on any Kanga.

Print Fabric

One carrier (all the same print), without a printed hood, will need 1 yd.  

A paneled carrier (without a printed hood) will need 3/4 yd for the sides and 3/4 yd for the center piece.

For any carrier with a printed hood, please send at least 1.5 yards of fabric so I will be able to match the hood to the body print.

The fabric must be 100% cotton or a cotton/linen blend of either quilt-weight or home-decor weight fabric.  No sheer fabrics or voile can be used.  Because of CPSIA regulations, I cannot use a print with any metallic threads unless you can provide a lead test statement from the manufacturer (yes, that's ridiculous, I know).  No Spoonflower fabrics due to the shoddy quality of their materials (feel free to ask about this).

  • Sport Carriers
You have the option of having your custom Kanga made as a Sport style carrier.  Sports have a center panel of mesh which helps provide ventilation in hot climates.  Sports usually have no print, but you may choose to have print paneled with the mesh on the body of the carrier.  This would be considered a paneled-Sport.  Mesh colors are available here:

  • Wrap Conversions
I will be offering half-wrap conversions for customs slots this year.  I can use a wrap for the front layer of the carrier (canvas would be on the other side), provided that the wrap is 100% cotton and is over 2.6 oz/yd2 (which is pretty lightweight, regular quilting fabric is generally about 4.5 oz/yd2). 

A half-wrap conversion features your wrap on the entire front of the carrier and canvas on the back of the carrier.   I would need at least 2 meters of wrap fabric. For a hood (1 or 2 sides), add 1/2 meter.  Please note, there is an additional fee for the half-wrap conversion option.
I can also use a wrap for the panel section only of the carrier instead of a print fabric (with the remainder of the carrier in canvas) and this is no additional charge. For a panel only, I would need 1 yard of wrap.  For a panel and hood (1 or 2 sides), I would need 2 yards.

Options and Pricing

Custom Shoulder Straps
Custom Waist
Custom body (restrictions apply)
Sport Carrier (mesh center, canvas sides)
Removable Hood$20.00
Print/wrap on Hood (one side, bottom or top)$7.00
Print/wrap on Hood (both sides)$12.00
Applique' (headrest or hood)$30.00
Large Applique' (on body of carrier)
2nd Appliqué' (headrest, hood, or strap)$18.00

Paneled fabrics (also print on Sport sides)$15.00
Wrap Conversion option (wrap front, canvas back)
Doll Carrier$35.00
Drool pad strap protectors$15.00
Fabric chest strap$10.00
Webbing elastics$5.00

Shipping (Priority mail, USPS):  USA:  $12, Canada: $35, International: $45

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