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there are a number of books with interesting meanings and facts about these special, beautiful earthly treats. enjoy. 

i recommend the book, love is the earth- a kaleidoscope of crystals, by melody.  

here is a simple list of some gemstone properties from melody's book.

: rainbow- brings light & love into one's life.

onyx: chalcedony. centering & aligning the total person. banish grief.

opal: amplification of one's traits. stone of happy dreams & change.

fire opal: progress & change, look within , self-reflect. triple burner stimulation.

pink opal: stone for renewal. renewing sacred relationships between self &  "all that is".

blue opal: communication, voicing thoughts. freedom to speech.

dendrite opal: promotes growth spiritually & physically. aligns the nervous system, moves blood.

pearl: stone of sincerity. brings truth to situations. stimulates sense of purity in the body & mind.

peridot: magnify inner aspects of any situation. cleanse & stimulate the heart chakra & solar plexus. shield of protection around the body.

prehnite: multipy energy & enhance one's protective fields.  stone for dreaming & remembering.

pyrite: shields negativity. inspires universal energies. assist to see behind facades promoting understanding

quartz: amplify both body energy & thoughts. assist in the creation of power & can clarify thoughts. brings the energy of the stars into the soul.

rutilated quartz: intensifies the power of the quartz.  affects the etheric & the astral bodies.

tourmalinated quartz: solving atmosphere, actualizing an innate strength to palliate   antipathic relationships & situations.

dendritic quartz:  facilitates a closeness with nature & a connection with earth mother.

rhodochrosite: stone of love & balance balancing & love on all levels for all bodies. contains pulsating electrical energy heavenly energies filled with the golden sphere of  light.

rhodolite: variety of garnet. inspires development of spiritual matters.

rhodonite: clear path to balancing yin/yang. energy. attain calmness. stone of love. assists in reaching greatest potential.

ruby: stone of nobility. stimulates the heart chakra. brings spiritual wisdom.

rutile: healing & balancing the aura. rhyolite: change, variety & progress. lights the fire of creativity of the soul.

sapphire: joy & peace of mind. rid self of unwanted thoughts.

sardonyx: chalcedony. assist in bringing happiness to marriage relationships.  to help realize delightfulness in living.

scapolite: delve into the areas deep within the self. impetus to change.

shell: provide boundless growth in areas of endeavor.

silver: mirror to the soul.

smoky quartz: gently dissolves negative energy. grounding.

spinel: stone of immortality, the stone of beauty. rejuvenates. 

stichtite: assist kundalini into & thru the heart chakra. 

sugilite: mind/body connection realization.

sunstone: positive energy for work environments. assist in setting innate will to attain set goal.

tanzanite: throat, 3rd eye & crown chakra stimulant.  the stone of magic. 

tiger eye: sand & sunlight vibration. sharpness & grounding. 

tiger iron: creative endeavors.

topaz: stone of true love & success in all endeavors.

tourmaline: attracts inspiration.  clears negativity

turquoise: strengthens & aligns all chakras.

unakite:feldspar, quartz. balances emotions of the body. brings one's  consciousness to the present.

variscite: connect & align the ethereal nervous system to the physical nervous system. allows for message of need from the physical to the ethereal and back.
zircon: promotes unions, increases hardiness.  

zoisite: dispel laziness, decomposes negativity.      

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