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there are a number of books with interesting meanings and facts about these special, beautiful earthly treats. enjoy. 

i recommend the book, love is the earth- a kaleidoscope of crystals, by melody.  

here is a simple list of some gemstone properties from melody's book.
agate: a variegated class of chalcedony, balancing of yin-yang energies, physical, emotional, & intellectual bodies, stabilize & cleanse the aura, transform & eliminate negative energies.

: a fossilized resin. absorbs & transmutes negative energy into positive energy.  emits a sunny & bright soothing energy, calming.

amethyst: calms & soothes, energy stabilizing.   

ametrine: citrine & amethyst combined. energizing & stabilizing. releases blockages,

amazonite: a feldspar. soothes and rejuvenates heart and throat centers.

andalusite: visionary to perceive other aspects of character. grounding.

apatite: assists to dissolve negativity and aloofness.  directs avenues of humanitarian interest. assist with blockages.   

aquamarine: beryl family stone of courage. guardian stone. chakra and etheric body balancing. cleanses the throat chakra.                                                                            
argonite: centering especially during stressful experiences. aventurine: usually a quartz or feldspar with mica or hematite. balancing male/female energies, enhances creativity. body balancing. 
azurite: stone of heaven. enhances creativity and inner self awareness connected with the divine, the heavens.  
azurite/malachite: helps with meditation, going deep within.   

beryl: (aquamarine, emerald, heliodor, morganite), opens & activates crown & solar plexus. heart & spinal energies in the physical body.    

bloodstone: quartz/chalcedony
. intense healing stone of courage.  stabilizes awakening vibrations in the base, naval, sacral & heart chakras.  carnelian: chalcedony/agate. perceptivity, awakens inherent talents, inspiration from & connectedness with the spiritual worlds. dispels apathy. 
carnelian: agate/chalcedony as well as cleansing, balancing, 1-4th chakra,  bannish sorrow from the emotional structure.
: quartz family member. encourages brotherhood, alleviates hostilities, irritability & melancholy. circulatory avenues of the body.
charoite: connetion between heart & crown chakra, heavenly energie & physical plane.  grounding the spiritual self.            

: ease heartache, renew strength & balance. helps attune one to the earth.  inner strength assistance.         

: chalcedony. balance yin/ yang energies of the body, aligning chakras with the ethereal plane. instills grace.     

: dissipates & transmutes negative energy.  balances.
copper: stimulate initiative, optimism & independence. opens base & sacral chakras. stabilizes energy of intuition.

diamond: king of crystals. stimulates unity & love of oneself.  

: helps to purify the auric field removing darkness & the physical body by removing toxins.

feldspar: amazonite, labradorite, moonstone, sunstone. assist in detaching from the old. support in self-awareness & self-love
fluorite: stimulates right/left brain communication, promoting creativity.

fossil: quartz, opal, pyrite, agate, jasper. assists in business matters.

garnet: stone of health. extracts negative energy from the chakras transmutes energy. balancing auric field. mind/emotion connection.

glass-natural: fused quartz. aligning energy centers of the physical body. 

gold: earth keeper. purity of the spiritual aspect of "all that is".

gossular garnet: strengthens ability to experience challenges.

hematite: stone for the mind. sort out things in the mind. calming.

hessonite garnet: continued personal endeavors with support. 

iolite: violet stone, 3rd eye/crown chakra areas.works with the auric field.

jade: dream stone. assist in realization of one's potential.

jasper: chalcedony.  the supreme nurturer.  encouraging to love & care for all upon the earth as well as the earth.

kunzite: activates & aligns the heart chakra with the throat  chakra & the 3rd eye. purification on all levels.

kyanite: aligns all chakras automatically & immediately. calming
labradorite: feldspar. transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. provides s. stone for earth healing, peacefulness.

lapis lazuli:  existed before time was born.  stone of total awareness. obtain relief from that which has been pressed into the shallow recesses of the mind. protective stone. access energy to sustain health.

larimar: (pectolite) release self constraint.

lepidolite: activates throat, heart, 3rd eye & the intellect.  opens the crown chakra allowing for the flowering of the inner blue lotus. 

malachite: stone of transformation. changing situations, providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution.  

moonstone: feldspar.  balancing, introspective, reflective, assisting to change structure of one's life.  gratitude awareness for life experiences.  

morganite: beryl. activator, cleanser, stimulator of the heart chakra. helps bring love into one's life, nurturing & maintaining love. 

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