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Hello, my name is Heather. I am wife to my husband of 7+ years, and mother to 3 wonderful daughters. My journey to the land of all things wool began in 2006, when I switched to cloth diapers for my older daughter. She was then 13 months old and we'd been battling diaper rashes for most of her life. Shortly after starting to use cloth diapers, I tried wool on for size. I was immediately hooked by the marvelous properties of wool, and the ease of using it. I began collecting longies, soakers, shorties and wraps for her and my very soon to be born second daughter. The summer laid way to more and more amazement for wool. I could not believe how breathable it was and how cool it kept their little bums. I soon began thinking, "I could do that...." ("That" being knit and crochet my daughters' woolies.) So, I learned to crochet. Then, I learned to knit. I then became hooked on knitting and crocheting my little fingers away at all times possible. I started making items as gifts for friends who were having babes. Then, I started my blog and started writing about the wonderful time I was having making each of these items! "FYF Soakers" was born (FrecklesYarnFun.) I had a few requests for customs, started advertising a bit, and then decided to set up a shop here on Hyena Cart in April 2007. In February of 2008, "FYF Soakers" became "Freckle." and I joined Tiny Lady Cooperative. I continued to focus on soakers, longies, and diapering woolies in general. But did begin to branch out to do a little yarn dying, pattern writing, and bigger kid knits. In December 2010, I began weaving, and have started selling my woven items as well. I have 2 Rigid Heddle Looms and several square peg looms. In April 2011, I joined Bitty Fluff and am very excited to have an outlet for all of that itty bitty knitting!

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