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Recycled Woolly Pink Jecaloones - Mini Recycled Woolly Pink Jecaloones - Mini
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These adorable pants have been made using an adapted Max and Meena pattern.  They are made using recycled wool for the argyle (65% lambswool and 35% nylon) and new wool jersey for the waistband and bum.

*** As a diaper cover, these pants will require more frequent changing due to the fabric contents.  May be best used as back up over hybrids or pockets.***

Once lanolized, they will double as an adorable pair of pants as well as a daytime diaper cover. Unlike plastic covers, wool is breathable making it easier on babies skin. They will look cute on any baby regardless of which diapers they are wearing.

They have been made to fit your little one from approximately 3-12 months depending on your little ones measurements. Make sure to measure your little one, because all babies are different. 

Waist - 14" to 20" fully stretched
Thigh - 8" at rest - 12" stretched
Inseam - 11" cuffs can be rolled shorter
Rise - up to 21" when completely unrolled.

Someday Sarah is an authorized seller of "Squishiloones, Miniloones, Maxaloones, and Monster Maxaloones" made from the Max and Meena Pattern.
Tags: Someday Sarah, maxaloones, pants, circle butt, circle bum, adjustable, wool, recycled, wool jersey, pink, orange, stripes
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Recycled Woolly Pink Jecaloones - Mini

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