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Apr 18, 2016
Item:Toadstool Jecaloones - size 1 -- 1-3 years
Customer service:Fantastic fast shipping!
Product review: These are beautiful and well made! Can't wait to get them on my little man!
2016-04-25 02:51:14
When purchased:
Oct 5, 2015
Item: Large Recycled Cashmere Longies with Interlock Waistband
Customer service:Super fast shipping! Got my product 2 days after it was shipped!
Product review: The pants are so soft and squishy! Incredibly well made! Will definitely be buying more in the future! Thank you!
2015-10-08 07:34:32
When purchased:
May 13, 2015
Item:Flower Wool Capris Jecaloones - Mini - 3-12 months
Customer service:Super fast shipping! These arrived from Canada faster than items I've ordered in the US.
Product review: Absolutely beautiful! Interlock weight is perfect for spring/summer. Thank you so much Sarah!
2015-05-21 07:13:58
When purchased:
Nov 21, 2014
Item:Lavender Recycled Wool Longies with Interlock Waistband
Customer service:Excellent costumer service. Sarah answered all my questions and as soon as the transaction went through she shiped my items promtly. The product arrived very fast in safe packaging.
Product review: This was my very first purchase of wool longie. I couldn't be any happier with the product. Excellent workmanship and quality. The material is Nice and warm, soft and leak proof. I paired it with sloomb snapless fitted and is an excellent option for nap times and overnight cloth diapering. It fits perfectly on my chubby 6 month old baby. The nice thing is that there is stil room to grow, so I am expecting to use it for the next 6 month or more. Thank you Sarah for your excellent work!
2014-12-19 09:45:25
When purchased:
Oct 8, 2014
Item: Woolly Rainbow Jecaloones Pants- Size 1
Customer service:
Product review: I love love love these pants. Very well made. Did I mention I love them.
2014-10-15 02:11:47
When purchased:
Sep 10, 2014
Item:Lavender Recycled Wool Longies with Interlock Waistband
Customer service:Customer service was great! I messaged her about a different pair, but after discussing my needs and daughter's size, Sarah recommended these longies instead and I'm glad she did. Shipping was also very prompt.
Product review: These longies are very well made and the fit is great! My daughter was leaking throughout the night before. Thanks to these wonderful longies she wakes up dry. I loved them so much I ordered a soaker from the same sweater these were upcycled from. Thank you!

2014-09-26 09:49:22
When purchased:
Feb 21, 2014
Item:Royal Swirl Large Hand Dyed Wool Interlock Soaker
Customer service:Excellent! Sarah replies promptly and is very helpful.
Product review: This soaker is beautiful and nice and soft. This is my second soaker of hers (and I have bought three pairs of longies).
2014-05-08 10:30:13
When purchased:
Jan 12, 2014
Item:Double flannel Coffee and Tea Unpaper towels or Napkins
Customer service:Excellent! Sarah replies promptly and is very helpful.
Product review: These unpaper towels are very durable and very cute!
2014-05-08 10:29:34
When purchased:
Feb 1, 2014
Item: Large Recycled Cashmere Gnome Longies with Interlock Waistband
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: So cute and soft! Great fit. Well made :)
2014-03-13 09:58:56
When purchased:
Oct 26, 2013
Item:Medium - Large Needle Felted Tree Recycled Wool Soaker with Wool Interlock
Customer service:Great communication.
Product review: Beautiful needle felted image. Soaker works great. I love it!
2013-12-04 02:06:55


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