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We ship all orders within 3-4 business days.

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Set of THREE - LARGE - 'fluff folds' - interlabial pads - "assorted colourways" Set of THREE - LARGE - 'fluff folds' - interlabial pads - "assorted colourways"
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Large Interlabial Pads

Your set of THREE 'fluff folds' will be chosen from our many colours. If there are certain colours you truly do not like, feel free to add a note to your order but we can not guarantee any specific selections as our colours are so varied.

Our little fluff folds are created with beautifully hand dyed bamboo velour tops, and bamboo fleece backs.

Two luscious absorbent layers to give you just that little bit of extra absorbency right where you need it, and to help 'direct' your flow to prevent gushing as much as possible for those of us with super flows!

Also great for those sudden incontinence issues when sneezing, coughing, lifting, etc.

Approximately 3.0 inches wide

Super soft, hand dyed, bamboo velour tops, with high-quality, lightweight, waterproof fleece backing.

Large Interlabial Pads - approximately 5.25 inches

* Excellent for guiding a gushy flow, or as a little added protection for sudden incontinence.

What are interlabial pads?

These little 'fluff folds' are meant to be worn externally by folding them in half, and tucking them against the skin between the labia. This helps to prevent the sudden gushes some experience during their menstrual cycle. Wear them along with a pad, or liner, as an extra 'booster'.

If you've never heard of interlabial pads before now, the concept may seem rather foreign and possibly even odd to you (it did to me!) but for those who are in dire need of help to prevent the sudden gush of a very heavy menstrual flow, or those incontinence issues that just seem to come from out of no where (like those times when you just can't get your legs crossed fast enough! ...oh yes, I know the feeling!) these little 'fluff folds' can be a real life saver! Sometimes a pad, or a liner, just can not properly direct a flow, or pause that sudden gush of incontinence, that so many women deal with on a daily basis!

These little fluff folds should be changed when you change your pads and/or liners. Be careful not to let them fall into the toilet when going to the bathroom, as you may forget you're wearing them.

Wash, dry, and store just the same way as you would any other reusable pads and/or liners!

Some like to use a lingerie bag to help keep them from getting lost along with the larger items but they can be washed just as they are too. :)

All our pads are AIO (All-In-One) Style. No fuss, just wash and dry like any other laundry! We use only natural bamboo and/or cotton inside our pads, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

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Set of THREE - LARGE - 'fluff folds' - interlabial pads - "assorted colourways"
Set of THREE - LARGE - 'fluff folds' - interlabial pads - "assorted colourways"

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